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A New Awareness

2018 is here and we now must face our most cruel and base emotions and fears. We've made a commitment to be better than we were and the movement for change is upon us. Spirit is rising to meet the challenges. It will be important to take time to really understand our reactions to the events unfolding in our world.

Silence of Self

We've all experienced the joy of silence. Days of silence during retreats and spiritual sojourns. Those quiet times in nature restore our zest and zeal for living and for following through on our spiritual paths. Yet once we return to the world at large we can quickly get caught up in the noise and alarms that are being raised. Everyone is scrambling to be heard, to be the one who makes a change for the better, to be the voice for someone who can't or won't be their own, and still the world gets louder and louder.

Who's listening?

A new silence must begin to be nurtured and embraced. It is a silence of our choosing and in our own place and time. This is a silence of our own voice. In this silence we learn what is needed, what will help, what will hinder, and what is the minimum that must be exceeded.

Does this mean we stay quiet when injustices and travesties happen? Absolutely not! With all of this strife and uncertainty one would wonder why you would choose to be silent. We have grown and in no uncertain terms we can't even imagine closing the covers on our shame. We have decided that to be humans is now the time to face our demons and remove their power over our thoughts and actions. This is not the same silence of retreat but it a chance for spirit to hear what is said and to truly understand the need so that all prosper. We tend to hear what we wish to hear without fully understanding any point. We add our voice because we know that change is needed even if we don't know what change precisely. Our hearts ache for the world and her inhabitants that struggle to live, to be well, and to fulfill their paths.

We live in a world where differences, fears, distrust, envy, and greed make the headlines daily and sometimes hourly. We have been shown where privilege and greed exists and where we have failed our fellow humans. Unfortunately what this has created is sense that no one is being heard, no one is listening and no one cares. The world is in an uproar and we add our voices for change or for the status quo depending on where we are on our own life path. Yet with all this noise the message can be lost and the help squandered.

This type of change has been always in our path as humans. How we treat those in need defines not only who we are as people but as spirits in the human experience. The world at times seems divided and in many ways it is. Those that have fear loosing for they know their cost of greed in the world. Those that have not had a voice now find strength and companionship to bring this knowledge forward. Those hurt and used no longer need fear the imbalance of power and authority.

These are among the most difficult lessons we have to learn in the human experience. Some where in our world must lead the way to create a better existence for everyone. Where the balance has so shifted a new balance is demanded and spirit is causing us to raise our awareness and our desire for better lives for all. So most of us need to be silent, for a while at least. To hear the pain and the suffering for only then can the need be responded to in a way that helps not hinders.

I bid you peace as you experience the benefits of being silent. Blessings.




Labradorite was first discovered in the province of Labrador, Canada in the late 1700s. Labradorite can also be found in Mexico, United States, Russia, Greenland, and Finland. Labradorite is usually grey-blue to black or yellow. Labradorite has been prized for it's healing properties.

As a tool for physical healing, Labradorite supports bone health and can be of aid to those with arthritis, gout, and other bone ailments. Labradorite aids in stress and tension release.

Spiritually, Labradorite is a stone of calm reflection and harmony. Labradorite improves intuition and can help clarify muddled points of view. A stone of fantasy and dreams, Labradorite can allow for the exploration of new ideas and concepts. Labradorite can help deflect and rebalance energies within the body and those directed at it. Ultimately, Labradorite combines the body's energies with the etheric energies to heighten all spiritual talents and life purpose.

Labradorite should be rinsed under running water often. When the surface of Labradorite becomes dull washing it in mineral water and allowing it to rest in full sun for a few days will recharge it.





Thoughts for February and March

The slowly lengthening days are starting to fill our cold winter thoughts with expectation and promise for the burgeoning spring that will soon be here. Our thoughts fly to fun times, and vacations with family and friends. The joys of spending time in the rejuvenating energy of Spring after a long, cold winter.

February comes with all the celebrations of intimate love of family and those we hold closest to our hearts. The romance of Valentines spreads sweet thoughts of the wonderful things to come into our lives. Times together strengthen our resolve to continue with the changes we need to see to make not just our homes better but our world too. We embrace each other and garner strength and the promise of support and love.

March brings an explosion of life and warmth with the arrival of the first day of Spring. Warm breezes and thawing winds are a welcome change. We too begin to blossom and spread our wings for a new season of growth and joy.




"In stillness I wait.

Around me the world roars with speed and movement.

Everyone and everything connected and in motion.

Beginning, creating, changing, ending, and repeating.

Nothing remains the same, nothing remains still.

Yet stillness is found.

Deep within my own solitude and spirit.

A stillness that allows me to view the world.

A stillness that allows me to see the patterns of change and growth.

A stillness that says life is more than I knew.

A stillness that allows me to engage in the world as I choose."



February 2018