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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves at a crux of change. Whether the change is good or not, whether we agree or disagree, we must commit to being the best we can be. Not only for ourselves and our families and friends but for our communities, our cities and our world. Yet our spirits are embracing newness and a reason to trust in the building of our awareness. We can grow and become the best that our spirits need us to be. We must learn to shine.


When we talk of gratitude we tend to think of a quick thank you and quickly moving on to other things. Yet gratitude needs to run deeper than that. Gratitude plays a much bigger part in our psyche and in our lives than we tend to admit. When I wrote about Gratitude and Joy in 2012 our world seemed to be a different place. It isn't, not in any real sense however in the last few years our world seems to have begun to shed its civility and has seemed changed in more noticeable ways. Some are not easy to deal with. The first thing that happens when our world seems to go sideways is a lessening of gratitude. It becomes easier to allow fear and worry to rob us of any kind of grateful feelings and there are many people who would exploit this.

Gratitude has two components. Our internal self-gratitude and our external expression to the world. These can compete for our peace of mind and mental stability when things become harder to be grateful for. Gratitude and joy are explicitly linked and they effect how we view our world, news events both near and far, and the fear that others wish to promote.

Of course our outward civility and society need gratitude for stability and endurance. We learned at an early age to say thank you and yet we also learned that it could be a quick "fix" when we really didn't feel like apologizing. As we mature and grow into our path we begin to understand and accept responsibility and we learn about the true joys of being grateful. We begin to notice how our gratitude impacts others and if we are observant we can see just how far those impacts go.

Self-gratitude can be much harder to incorporate into our everyday activities. There are some who say that it is awkward to say thank you to ourselves. This can be an exercise that is exasperating and may even feel a little silly sometimes. Yet self-gratitude brings an inherent joy into our thoughts. As we grow spiritually we eventually come to the understanding that we are one with the divine and blessings are a big part of that. Some may feel strange when they say thank you to the energies that brought us our desires... whether a great deal, a good parking spot, or any other manifestation no matter the size. The reasoning being that if I Am God, then why do I need to say thank you? I created this manifestation. While these statements are true, there is an energy hidden within thank you that we then deny ourselves.

Simply put that energy is love.

When we say thank you to ourselves, our guides, our divine supports, and our manifestations we create a scenario where we acknowledge love. Love for ourselves, love for our path and abilities, and most of all a love that keeps us supported when the world seems to turn against us. Without being able to express our gratitude for or to ourselves we lose some of the strength and endurance afforded us on our journey and this allows fear to take a greater hold on us. Feelings of safety, of joy, of connection, of promise and potential, of wholesomeness, and feelings of community. We grow in these feelings and we connect more fully to our path. Within gratitude there is a love for all beings and experiences.

I bid you peace as you discover your ability to be grateful to the world and to yourself. Blessings.




Calcite has a long history around the world. Many cultures have used Calcite, even Native North Americans knew of its power for healing and it was widely accepted as a gift from the gods. . Calcite comes in many colours also; green, pink, yellow, orange, reddish-brown, black, clear, and blue. All specimens will work on the body. Colour becomes important when looking at the spiritual impacts and healing that happens within soul work.

As a tool for physical healing, Calcite works on strengthening bones and is said to aid in healing of minor fractures. Calcite has also been found to remove abnormal calcification and can strengthen the skeleton and joints. For skin problems a paste of fats and oils mixed with ground Calcite had been found to be beneficial, as have elixirs. Being able to calm the body to allow time for meditation, and healing is a fundamental energy within all Calcite.

Spiritually, Calcite is a great clearer of blocks and past emotions that block and disrupt our spiritual growth. Emotion and intelligence become balanced under the influence of Calcite. A highly spiritual stone, Calcite can aid in bringing understanding, acceptance and rapid growth. Calcite is very active on the psyche and spiritual levels. Each colour corresponds to a chakra and brings specific aid and motivation to them.

  • Pink - Angelic Realm connection, brings unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Green - Mentally healing and calming, dissolves blockages that prevent us from seeing and believing
  • Yellow - Energies, stimulates the will and ability to see potential, eliminates stubbornness
  • Orange - Balances the lower chakras, emotions and can aid in overcoming depression and fear
  • Reddish-Brown - Uplifting, clears old energy and brings new energies in, dispels fear
  • Black - The record keeper for the soul, can aid in releasing trauma and depression
  • Clear - See hidden agendas and meanings behind words, aids the eyes
  • Blue - Relaxation, sooths nerves, removes anxieties, heals trauma and can help find spiritual voice

Calcite should be cleansed regularly under running water. Recharging of Calcite should be done monthly by allowing the crystal to rest with rock crystals.



Green Calcite


Thoughts for February & March

February is, in the minds of the residents of the northern hemisphere, the beginning of the end of winter. The days are slowly becoming noticeably longer. The sun's light while still cool begins to bring a little more warmth with it. Our minds turn to the coming season and we begin our preparations for this year's growing season. Both physically and spiritually, we begin to plan our spiritual crops. We seek to plant new possibilities for our own growth and joys. Our desires for growth for the coming year and even future plans that need time and energy from many seasons, begin their progression from thought, to dream, to desire, and into the stage of planning. We use this time to set appropriate timetables, and for some we set milestone markers. February with it's blasts of cold winds and snow is actually the beginning of great things.

March brings with it renewal. The cold abates and gentle warming winds begin to blow. The last of winter's chill is chased from our lawns and our spirits. The birds of spring return and their songs help to buoy us forward with our plans and desires. to sowing those desired seeds for this year's work. The small steps begin, as we test the fertile ground of the mind and spirit for our readiness to begin. Conditions have to be right and the components all meet as our steps become firmer, the plans become more concrete within us and like the early flowers we burst forth in all our glory to the wondrous adventure that is our life journey.



"Reviving Me"

"I have grown weary of the ways of the world.

I hear the pain of many who can no longer bear their pain.

I see the harm we cause with carelessness.

I feel the hurt we ignore for fear it will infect us.

Overwhelmed and overburdened and so very weary.

Yet there is a promise in the rising of spirit.

A promise of healing, and potential.

A promise of newness and release.

A promise of brighter days and future dreams.

These buoy my spirit until I see and feel the change.

I sit, recharge, recommit, and rebuild my path.

I am not yet done with this world."


February 2019