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A New Awareness

Our emotions are running at an all time high and we seem more and more unable to control them. Our temperament doesn't match where and what we thought our lives would be. The normal supports that have worked for us no longer hold much potential. Yet still potential and promise abound if we pay attention.

Preparing For Internal Change

Most of the time change is thrust upon us or happens around us and its up to us to figure out how we incorporate the change into our lives. We often don't think of change as something self-imposed. We like stability, constancy in our lives. Change is something that happens to us that is until we are forced into making some sort of change. These kind of changes are usually on the more drastic side and the consequences of not following through can have a high impact on us; physically, mentally and spiritually. Forced change is hard.

We seem to be able to work through some of our smaller changes, and we tend to refer to many of them as shifts as they tend to be slight, easy adaptations. These small changes usually bring us up to a change that we know will be coming at some point but the timing is still uncertain. Events like marriage, births, retirements, deaths from long illnesses, and others make up a lot of the events that these small preparatory changes foretell. We adjust for our age, our pains and disabilities, our loves and dislikes, our progress, and events that we know or believe are ahead of us. But what about when we don't know that we desire or what isn't working for us any longer? The ins and outs of figuring out that something needs to change and what exactly it is can be depressingly hard at times and can have us running in circles feeling more and more unsatisfied.

It usually starts with a feeling of dissatisfaction with something and it tends to spread to other areas of our life. We know something is off, things no longer seems to work as they would, and we begin to get frustrated with all that we do. Even the things that tended to bring us joy in the past can now begin to feel unfulfilling and tainted with our dissatisfaction. These usually bring a heavy dose of self-deprecating criticism.

We know that the body and mind will listen to spirit when it gets loud enough or causes enough noise to recognize something is off. Yet when we try to blow it off as a fluke or silly thoughts we dismiss the value of our intuition and that can cause us to miss other hints about what is happening. Our mind is then more than ready to pick apart any dreams or thoughts that might help. We dismiss them and we begin to dismiss our truths and ourselves. We know that the body and the mind will listen and believe what the spirit is saying and if we've taken the self-deprecation to new lows they are all too willing to take the body down a less healthy and meaner tract.

So how do we navigate these times? Breathe, be calm, and be gentle to yourself, your situations and your thoughts. Simple to say but harder to do. These times can be very trying and very tiring. Patience can run low and tempers flare. Relationships will change and some will be altered and some will be lost and some will begin. Like all events in our lives, this dance goes back and forth advancing and retreating away from some hoped for outcome. We may find that through all the turmoil we come none the worse for wear.

Ultimately all change is hard, sometimes requiring hard choices, or small corrections, and even getting lost in the mire of some change that is happening around us. It happens continuously. Our problem with all change is when it disturbs what we believe our world, our culture, our societies, and our lives to be. It calls us to question our motives, our wants and needs, and our priorities.

I bid you peace as you come to terms with the ever-present change. Blessings.




Shungite is a rare, black crystal that comes to us from Shunga, Russia. Shungite is a powerful, master healing stone with a high amount of vibrational energy that can benefit the body, mind, and spirit. Shungite itself is a very old and was formed from deposits in the paleoprotezoic. It is a very pure form of carbon. As a form of carbon its energy can be foundational for healing and for purification. Historical records show that Shungite has been used for centuries in Russia as a water purifier and still is. The luster of Shungite can very from a matte finish to a high shine.

As a tool for physical healing, Shungite is very useful for balancing the body's energies. Occasionally Shungite can be found to be sold in sets with one being more positive and one more negative, this combination can increase available energy and redistribute it within the body. Almost every part of the body can benefit from Shungites energy; cells regenerate, the body gets protection from all forms of electromagnetic energies (i.e. cell phones, electrical stations, cell towers, computers, and others), sleep patterns stabilize, and a growing general sense of wellbeing. Shungite can help in releasing negative thoughts and patterns. Shungite aids in removing negative emotional traits and restores balance.

Spiritually, Shungite is a great tool for all kinds of energy work. As a crystal of protection Shungite helps repel negative energies and energy attacks. It can aid in clearing and re-aligning the chakras. Shungite has a strong grounding energy, which can aid in re-claiming personal power, and strength. It also provides support for growth, change, and transformation.

Shungite does not require cleansing.





Thoughts for February & March

The days have begun to grow in length and now we can see that change. Even if winter's chill seems colder and the winds more harsh, we understand that change is coming. We can feel it coming. In our hearts we allow the fires of life and desire to swell and to fill our thoughts. February is the month of love and it is not just because of the cold that we seek one another. We know that the tide of life is changing and in getting ready for the spring we open our hearts to all that is possible. We allow our spirits to ignite in passion and in possibility, just as the Earth begins it's own renewal of life.

With March comes spring and all the freedom that word brings to mind. The change is here, in the soil, in our minds, and in our bodies. Our spirits understand the change and urge us to move and to put our growth into motion. Even small steps begin to have meaning and significance and give fuel to the fires of our dreams and aspirations. So that as soon as winter's chill begins to fade we are ready and excited about the new possibilities that we will bring into being in our spirit's spring.



"Accepting A New Reality"

"A breath, a sigh, and I straighten my shoulders,

Today I face my reality,

Today I will need all of the strength and confidence I can muster,

For today ... change is necessary.

Not the change of others but my own internal shift.

Today the blinders come off and I will move in a new direction,

I may slide back occasionally but

my new reality, my new change,

my new everything is calling."



February 2020