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The Healing Journey

Through every experience and action we endure, we will spend some time healing. Whether the healing is for our thoughts and mind, our bodies, our spirits, or for our complete wellness, we must respect the process however it arises. Of course there are different journeys depending on the severity and the actual events, which we have experienced and our own life journey.

Minor disturbances would rarely use the paths for more serious losses or health impacts but it does happen and is usually a learned response as many responses are. These we can usually manage on our own with a few deep breaths, time in meditation, or some self-pampering to aid in releasing the impact. We may decide to vent to friends for advice in order to aid in releasing pent up pain and anguish. Our success in achieving a full release will depend on how honest and introspective we are.

As our experiences take us into deeper trauma we may find the need to seek another path through. This is usually when we find the strength or enough of a reason to start reaching out. We may explore options from those trained in any number of areas of expertise to help understand the depth of what we've experienced and begin on a physical healing journey.

Even our most positive events will lead us into a healing journey. We can find that this can release some deep held hurts from any point along the way. Many of which we believed that we had resolved. With all of our experiences we will tend to hold on to some portion of it no matter whether we benefited from it or were harmed by it.

The actual healing journey back to a state of wellness can be where our perceptions, our beliefs, our ego, and our own mind can cause a great deal of difficulty. It can be very easy to confuse where we are on the healing journey versus how we are feeling. There tends to be a belief that once we start on the path it is a straightforward, one foot in front of the other, very linear way to proceed and heal. This is rarely the outcome unless we are very close to a major turning point that alters the journey in some way or we come to the end of that specific healing journey.

Most of the time within the healing journey we will move; whether backwards, forwards, to the side or even end up seemingly right back to where we were. The image of the healing journey needs to be understood as a dance of life and of wellness. There is a constant ebb and flow to our wellness and to our maintaining or improving it. This can be where we struggle and begin to look for other supports, which can be difficult to find.

The supports for this stage give greater regard for the calm, quiet reassurance that this is the dance and that it is made easier by kindness, gentle reflections, and with great patience. These supports in addition to the wider range of therapies chosen give us the uplift we need in our lives and exposes the possibilities for wellness and new ways of experiencing all that life has to offer.

I bid you peace as you as move along your own path of healing. Blessings.




Prasiolite is a stone of renewal and energy transformation. Prasiolite is a form of quartz and is a pale green colour and will vary from almost translucent to pale green. Prasiolite can also be man-made by exposing Amethyst to heat and irradiation. Natural Prasiolite is a rare crystal however it may be found in Brazil, Poland, and northern Ontario, Canada.

As a tool for physical healing, Prasiolite is used as a support for the endocrine system and helps the body maintain balance between systems. Prasiolite supports spleen function and the immune system and aids in ridding the body of damaged blood cells. Prasiolite is said to aid in digestive issues and with nutrient adsorption on all levels. Prasiolite can boost the act of physical healing.

Spiritually, Prasiolite is great for connecting to the Divine. Prasiolite is great for grounding energies when emotions and fears distract us. Prasiolite eases and aides in transforming the hurt and emotional pain we tend to hide away in our heart into something positive. Prasiolite is used to inspire creativity and helps in keeping our fears in check. Prasiolite allows fears to be eased by allowing us to see our connection to the Divine. This allows us to build self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-worth.

To cleanse Prasiolite rinse under warm water however like amethyst Prasiolite should not be left in direct sunlight. It will benefit being with tumbled hematite to recharge.


Prasiolite - Pale green crystalPrasiolite - quartz



Thoughts for Febraury & March

We sit within, slowly watching the returning light. Our spirits get anxious and ready for the coming change. Even with the cold winds and winter snows that come, we sense the earth preparing to begin her gentle move forward. Our time in the dark is coming to an end and we long to stretch outward and to reconnect. Our dreams and plans begin to form deep with in us and we experience the thrill of anticipation. Not meeting our goals is not even imagined as we push our boundaries, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

We must spend our time preparing our mind for the changes that come. For this time is the time of planning and of lofty dreams. We see beyond the basics and stretch our minds and hearts toward our desires. At this time of the year it is easier to find the pathways to accomplish our goals. The many opportunities and benefits that exist within each pathway are also clearer. So allow yourself to dream as small or as large as you wish it to be.



"The Promise"

"Today I arise and greet another bright new day.

The world is changing and I must grow to meet the new need.

My own journey is not what it was thought to be.

Yet I am more than just the sum of my woes and hurts.

I am a child of the Divine.

Within is strength, grace, gentleness, and so much more.

I will rise, and I will heal as much as is possible.

My healing will become part of my promise.

A promise of newness, growth, and burgeoning potential."




Febraury 2021