of Dundas
As of February, 2004, news-letters will be published bi-monthly.

Divination is the act of listening to the voices that are not physically on this plane, reading the signs and omens around us and reconnecting to silence. We live in a world of technology and scientific advancement, but it has cost us our connections to our spirit guides and our divine self. We rely on Psychics, Mediums and Spiritualists to give us messages; that is if we believe at all. The truth is that this is something we are all capable of, it's just that we've been taught that it has no place in our world of computers, cell phones and other high tech gadgetry. This summer most of the eastern seaboard lost power; utter and total breakdown of the technology we've come to rely on. To some people this was absolutely devastating and the silence was overpowering and frightening.

Now is the time of renewal and one of the things that we have to renew is our connection to mythic, spiritual world that our ancestors knew. It doesn't mean that the advances of science and technology have to be put aside but it does mean that we have to stop dismissing those things that we can not touch and explain. Both can have a place in this world. The Divine didn't give doctors the brains to cure diseases so that we could dismiss all other options in favour of one or the other; but working in conjunction the possibilities become even greater.

This is a journey of growth; both spiritually and mentally.



Copper is a plentiful metal and it can be found in most countries. It has been in use for centuries as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis. Copper has also been used to boost and cleanse the immune system and cleanse organs. Copper allows for increased oxygen exchange in the lungs; the whole of the respiratory system can benefit from the addition of copper.

Copper has also been used to increase a person's ability to express emotions and true feelings. It can balance a person's confidence with their reserved self. It also can be used to improve the decision making process and it can be used to increase self-confidence and a positive attitude.

As with any metal, crystal or stone, these should be used in conjunction with traditional medicines.


Smudging for the Season

Celebrate Candlemass/Imbolc

February 2nd is the traditional date of Candlemass. Winter is half over and the season of rebirth is about to start again. The Earth Mother has rested from the growth and harvest of the last year and is being refreshed to provide bounty for this year.

As darkness falls on the 2nd, sit quietly and relax by breathing deeply for a few moments. As the darkness becomes complete, picture yourself as a seed buried deep within the earth. Feel the shell of the seed split and picture the shoots of new roots reach out and take hold of the earth. Envision the growth process; the roots expanding, the upward movement of the plant stem toward the surface. Feel yourself break away from the confines of the ground. Face the sky and the sun knowing that your roots are firmly attached to the Earth Mother.

Light a small candle and imagine your own hopes and dreams for this year. Gently coax them into life just as you coaxed yourself into being from a small seed.

Answers to Questions Posed


Recently I was asked about curses. The truth is that no one can put a curse on you, except you. Curses are based on negative aspects; thoughts and actions. So if you believe that you are cursed the first thing to do is to stop feeding it your energy. Negative thought become negative actions; the more thought you give it the stronger it's influence in your life. You have to take a mental note about yourself; it's facing all of your "demons", all the bad will and all the wrongs that you are responsible for. This can be a very painfully experience but nothing worth while comes easily. Then you should create a sacred place in your home. You should also smudge yourself; consciously, psychically and physically breaking the ties that those negative thoughts have on you.

At the end of the process of examining yourself you may find that participating in a burning bowl ceremony can help to finalize the cleansing process. Sit within your sacred space and write all the things that you need to release or that serve no purpose in your life. Submit yourself to the Divine and ask that these be removed from you and light the paper on fire. If it doesn't burn completely or quickly you may have more work to do to release those feelings. Once the paper burns completely write on a second piece of paper all the good things you wish to rebirth into yourself and set in on fire.


Meditation for the Month

"My kingdom of love shall expand. I have loved my body more than anything else. That is why I am identified with and limited by it. With the love that I have given to the body, I will love all those who love me. With the expanded love of those who love me, I will love those who are mine. With the love for myself and the love for my own, I will love those who are strangers. I will use all my love to love those who do not move me, as well as those who love me. I will bathe all souls in my unselfish love. In the sea of my love, my family members, countrymen, all nations, and all beings will swim. All creation, all myriads of tiny living things, will dance on the waves of my love."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"