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Tarot Cards
The idea of wanting or needing to know the future is part of the human experience. Tarot cards have had a place in human society for a long time, at least five hundred years and probably a lot longer than that. Their beginning is obscure and unknown. We all want to know what is coming, how to prepare or how to prevent the inevitable. The Tarot cards represent the obstacles and growths that each person must endure along the path of life. Reaching the end of a cycle is not the end but a return to the beginning, to be repeated with new obstacles and new challenges. Tarot decks are normally divided into two sections, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana represent stages and major influences on each stage of your journey. The minor arcana represent the separate facets of each stage. They are aids to understanding what is occurring or why something has occurred.

The tenth card in the Major arcana is "Temperance". When Temperance appears in a spread, there is an implied need to allow emotions and feelings to flow. It can allow for greater harmony and co-operation in a relationship and it can allow the relationship to grow and be happy. Temperance challenges us to balance emotion and action in our hearts and in our lives. If Temperance is reversed, it can be an indication of up-coming trouble or quarrels with friends and relatives.

The eleventh card in the Major arcana is "Strength". When Strength appears in the spread, there is a struggle that is to come. It is a struggle that you must find the resources within yourself, to confront and defeat. It is a challenge to you to have faith in your own strengths and judgments. It will force you to acknowledge your inner self, both the good and bad. It is also a time to deal with egotism and selfish pride. If reversed, be aware of fear, and self-doubt and loneliness.





The crystal shown is Rhodochrosite. Rhodochrosite is known to aid in letting go of fears and paranoia. It will allow the wearer to see situations as they are and not as negatively as it can seem. Rhodochrosite can help you overcome past traumas that maybe hard to release. Rhodochrosite can also aid in clarifying dreams and in for attaining a more restful sleep. It has also been known to protect the respiratory system for asthma sufferers and is beneficial in eliminating contaminants from the body's digestive system.



The next crystal is Sodalite. Sodalite is beneficial to the lymphatic system and for boosting the immune system. It can aid in clarvoyance, in removing emotional blockages and in obtaining spiritual understanding of the world around us. It is an excellent stone for helping to communicate both verbally or physically. Sodalite can help to create a harmonious feeling of oneness with everything that surrounds us and with the universe and the Divine. Sodalite is an excellent stone for people who act negatively out of habit and is useful in breaking those habits to create new healthier lifestyle. Sodalite has been used to boost the body's metabolism and cleanse the immune system. It is said to be extremely beneficial to those who work with radiation, such as X-ray technicians, due to the cleansing properties of the crystal.


Auras and Chakras
Aura Colours

There are numerous colours that can make up the actual aura. There is first a small gap between the body and the first layer. The first layer, the etheric layer is not normally very wide but it changes over the course of a day. The next level, the aura proper is the ground colour. The ground colour indicates the direction of your life at this time. The ground colour can change as you move further along your path in life. Next you will find that colours may radiate from your aura and this will determine how other people see you and deal with you.

Ground Colours

There are 12 basic ground colours. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, silver, gold, pink, bronze and white. The first seven colours are also reflected in the Chakras. Each colour has a specific meaning and directional flow for your talents and life. While each colour has a meaning, it does not mean that where you are in your life is wrong but it can help you understand what would help bring you more satisfaction and maybe even which direction your life should be taking.

Radiating Colours

There are 11 radiating colours and they indicate what you truly enjoy doing. The colours are the same as the colours for the aura, with the exception of bronze. When you are doing something that you enjoy, these colours can become even more vibrant than they are normally. Radiating colours can be used to bring you to a true understanding of your path and how to make the most of the ground colour that you have. Understanding your radiating colours can help you to stop any internal fighting or dissatisfaction that is occurring in your life and direct you to a path more suited to you..

Hints to ease your path into meditation

Meditating on the environment can be helpful and cleansing to the body, mind and soul. It will allow you to see and understand how interconnected we all are with our environment and with each other. Meditate on the four elements; Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. This month we will deal with mediations on Earth and Wind.


Begin with sitting comfortably, slowly imagine your spine stretching down toward the earth. Feel the roots grow out from your body. Feel the green life force of the world around you. You can stretch these roots down through the layers of rock and minerals. Send out roots to the mountains, forests, fields and deserts, feel the ancientness of the earth but know that she still lives, moves and changes and that these changes are slow but inevitable.


Picture yourself sitting in an open area with the wind passing by and all around you. Allow the wind to cleanse your thoughts and remove any disturbances caused by hurt or changes that you are going through. Maybe there are some emotions buried deep within you that need to be released in order for you to grow. Send these emotions or ideas up into the wind and watch them drift away. Make sure to acknowledge them as they leave you and truly note that letting go makes you lighter and freer and more in control of who you want to be.

Meditation Thought for the Month

"I will drink vitality from the golden fountain of sunshine; I will drink peace from the silver fountain of mooned nights; I will drink Thy power from the mighty cup of the wind; I will drink Thy consciousness as joy and bliss from all the little cups of my thoughts."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"