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Tarot Cards
The idea of wanting or needing to know the future is part of the human experience. Tarot cards have had a place in human society for a long time, at least five hundred years and probably a lot longer than that. Their beginning is obscure and unknown. We all want to know what is coming, how to prepare or how to prevent the inevitable. The Tarot cards represent the obstacles and growths that each person must endure along the path of life. Reaching the end of a cycle is not the end but a return to the beginning, to be repeated with new obstacles and new challenges. Tarot decks are normally divided into two sections, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana represent stages and major influences on each stage of your journey. The minor arcana represent the separate facets of each stage. They are aids to understanding what is occurring or why something has occurred.

The last card in the major arcana is "The World". The World card symbolizes a time of achievement and the integration of all that has been learned so far on your journey. It is the successful completion of the goal that was started in the fool stage. It is an ending and a beginning for we continue to learn and to grow. Therefore the World once again becomes the fool for the next lesson, the next goal and the next phase of growth. The path of growth never ends.

May the Divine guide your footsteps along your path.

The World



This crystal is Dumortierte. Dumortierte is an excellent crystal to carry if you tend to be the excitable type. It can greatly help to reduce excitability. It is also helpful in removing stubborn attitudes. Dumortierte is another crystal known to increase a person's patience. If you have trouble communicating your own spiritual ideas Dumortierte is a great crystal to help release any un-ease you can feel. It will allow you to express your spirituality openly and clearly.



This crystal is Kyanite. Kyanite is an excellent crystal for whatever purpose draws it to you. Kyanite is a rare stone in that it will never require cleansing to remove negative energy, as it will not store or accumulate energy. Kyanite automatically aligns all of the chakras and their energies. It can induce a state of tranquility and bring about a calmness within the whole body.


Sacred Space
Creating a Sacred Space

Everyone needs a sacred space of their own. It's a place of sanctuary in your own home. It's a place without clutter, a place of quiet, a place away from the demands of a hectic lifestyle and a place to call within for your higher self. Sacred spaces do not have to be elaborate undertakings. They can simply be a corner of a room that is reserved for meditation and quiet contemplation.

Sacred spaces can contain items that you deem necessary for a successful meditation. An alter is a good place to start. It can be as simple as a shelf or as elaborate as you wish. Having an alter allows you to have something to focus on. Place candles, incense, images of the divine or items that remind you of your life path or goal on the alter. Allow a space in front of it for your cushions, chair or meditation bench.

Once your sacred space feels right, smudge the area and ask the elemental guardians and the Divine to cleanse and keep the area sacred and safe. Whenever you add something to your space it should also be smudged.

Mantra Meditations

Mantras are a very popular and very old form of meditation. Mantras have been used in the far east for centuries. Mantras are simply the repetition of words and syllables to create vibrations in the body. The vibrations resonate through the body, re-aligning the body's energy and creating harmony. When the body is in a state of harmony it opens up the senses to receive messages from the higher self, problems can be resolved, solutions found and a new sense of well-being can come to be.

The most common mantra is "Ohm" and when said the length of tone used for the "Oh" should be as long and the length of tone used for the "M". Sit in a comfortable position and prepare your body as you would for any other type of meditation. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply a few times. Let your mind clear of all but the mantra you wish to use. Slowly start the mantra and begin to feel it reverberate through your body.

If you have mantra beads each repetition is represented by a bead. Try to complete the number of mantras on your mantra beads. Normally mantra beads are in a loop totalling 108.

Meditation Thought for the Month

" When you find that your soul, your heart, every wisp of inspiration, every speck of the vast blue sky and its shining star-blossoms, the mountains, the earth, the whippoorwill, and the bluebells are all tied together with one cord of rhythm, one cord of joy, one cord of unity, one cord of Spirit, then you know that all are but waves in His cosmic sea."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"