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Tarot Cards
The idea of wanting or needing to know the future is part of the human experience. Tarot cards have had a place in human society for a long time, at least five hundred years and probably a lot longer than that. Their beginning is obscure and unknown. We all want to know what is coming, how to prepare or how to prevent the inevitable. The Tarot cards represent the obstacles and growths that each person must endure along the path of life. Reaching the end of a cycle is not the end but a return to the beginning, to be repeated with new obstacles and new challenges. Tarot decks are normally divided into two sections, the major arcana and the minor arcana. The major arcana represent stages and major influences on each stage of your journey. The minor arcana represent the separate facets of each stage. They are aids to understanding what is occurring or why something has occurred.

The twentieth card in the Major arcana is "The Sun". The Sun card represents a time of optimism, renewed trust and a clarity of vision. It is a time of understanding patterns and being able to plan within those patterns for the future. It is the moving forward toward goals and objectives. The Sun card foretells of joy and success. If reversed, it can be a warning to keep your goals within an attainable range and not to throw everything away on a grand dream. It is reasonable to expect joy and happiness in small doses.

The twenty-first card in the Major arcana is "Judgement". The Judgement card represents something coming to conclusion. It can be positive in that you reap the rewards of all your hard work, realize the future you dreamed of is now available. However it can also be negative. It can be a disturbing time of having to face your own self-betrayals and evasions. There fore the end is not alway a happy one. You must answer for all of the actions that have brought you to this spot. This is the end of a stage in life, how it is received and how true you have been to yourself will define the next stage for you to pass through.

The Sun



Aragonite Star

The first crystal is Aragonite Star. Aragonite star is an excellent crystal for centering your self. This property makes it an excellent crystal for mediation, however the crystal's centering ability really comes to light in periods of high anger or stress. Aragonite Star it a crystal that increases one's patience. When you use Aragonite and consciously direct the crystal's energy, you will find that this crystal can be very effective in helping to maintain self discipline in any situation.


The next crystal is Topaz. Topaz is known as a "stone of true love" and success in all endeavors. Topaz colours range from a radiant yellow to greens, blues and browns. Topaz is a crystal that sends out it's energy very easily and it radiates that energy in all directions equally. Topaz is meant for people in need, whether for a crisis or for motivation. Topaz acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness. Topaz can promote individuality and creativity while providing confidence. Topaz can help in unmasking deception in others and it can help to remove the things that are blocking the view of your path and your goals. It can calm nerves and tensions. Topaz is best known for it's ability to restore energy and balance. Also topaz is an excellent crystal for tapping into your inner resources and strengths.


Auras and Chakras
Music for the Chakras

Music as well as colour can be used to soothe and realign the energies of the body's chakras. Chakras are a balance of energies and music is a balance of harmony. Each chakra center will respond to it's own note tone but inspirational melodies and pleasing harmonies can be use to balance the whole chakra system at one time.

You can help to balance each chakra by sitting quietly, listening to and humming or toning the proper notes for each chakra.

Root Chakra - Red - Middle "C".

Sacral Chakra - Orange - "D".

Solar Plexus - Yellow - "E".

Heart Chakra - Green/Pink - "F".

Throat Chakra - Blue - "G".

Brow Chakra - Indigo - "A".

Crown Chakra - Violet - "B".

Trans-personal Chakra - White - High "C".

Living with Meditation


Enlightenment is a result of mediation. It is similar to waking from a dream. All the pieces start to fall into place and you have a knowing about what is right and true for yourself, be it in the form of action, thought or goal. It is rarely a total knowing, bits and pieces show up at different times and with different symbols. As you meditate on a regular basis, the flow of information becomes steady and you will steadily move along your life path.

Remember that when we meditate, we are part of a world that has used meditation for centuries. With meditation we are beginning to create a world of unity. Meditation allows us to communicate with the divine and to bring that knowledge with us to use in every day life. The light of the divine spreading through this world and meditation allows us to tap into the truthful knowledge that has always been available to us.

I wish you peace and enlightenment on your journey toward the divine.

Meditation Thought for the Month

"I will light the match of smiles. My gloom veil will disappear. I shall behold my soul in the light of my smiles, hidden behind the accumulated darkness of ages. When I find myself, I shall race through all hearts with the torch of my soul-smiles. My heart will smile first, then my eyes and my face. Every body-part will shine in the light of smiles.

I will run amid the thickets of melancholy hearts and make a bonfire of all sorrows. I am the irresistible fire of smiles. I will fan myself with the breeze of God-joy and blaze my way through the darkness of all minds. My smiles will convey His smiles and whoever meets me will catch a whiff of my divine joy. I will carry fragrant purifying torches of smiles for all hearts."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"