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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.


Oh! Woe is me ..... so the story goes. Heard time and again in literature and in life.

What a dangerous thougth process Self-pity can be, but it sounds like something we all deserve to be able to do once in a while. That's where the problem starts. It becomes such a habit that we forget and loose the line that separates it from a momentary indulgence to a way of life and it's a self-indulgence that is both dangerous and crippling. It alienates you from family and friends, can divide the closest of relationships, separate you into your own little world and at it's most extreme lead to suicide.

We've all heard the lines and some of us have even said them .... my spouse is cheating, I have no real friends, I have no money, no one would care if I lived or died, how can they afford that when I can't, no one loves me, I'm all alone, no one would ever come to my funeral and on and on the volume of self inflicted misery and separation grows.

So if we feel so miserable why are we so ready to accept self-pity as the ultimate from of expressing our hurt to the world. Hurt?!? Yes, hurt. It is one of the main driving forces behind it. When we compare ourselves and our standards to those of others and we don't get the same results, we feel hurt. When we are made to stand for ourselves to test our strength, we feel deserted and hurt. When friends drift away because their life journey is taking them somewhere else, we feel abandoned and hurt. It's a hurt that we can show to the world in the hope that someone will hear and say I've felt that too. Unfortunately that isn't what happens. The pain and hurt from self-pity that we display sometimes runs too close to the emotions and turmoil in the lives of others so people step even further away. Or if they do understand it for what it is they may pull further away for in facing it they have to face themselves. For other they've already completed this journey of discovery and have no desire to repeat it. Finally if we don't get either of those responses we back away and blame others for the fear of being found out about our motives. We can become spiteful and bitter and that again feeds the cycle of misery in self-pity.

So how do we escape the endless cycle of misery?

Look at your life. Is it truly as bad as you believe it to be? Odds are, probably not.

You know that you are special and that there has been great love and friendship in your life. It may not be part of it at this precise moment but it has always been available to you from God/Goddess/Source. However in the physical sense it will return as your circle of friends expands to greet the you that has grown and surpassed any limitations. Material possessions and "the nice things in life" are fine but they do not define who you are or who you are destined to become. We sometimes place a great deal of emphasis on what we feel we are lacking in our life however in the world of simple abundance we can find joy, promise and potential in all we see.

As you grow and put aside petty differences and jealousies, gentle power and friends return to you. They may or may not be the friends of the past and that's ok. For in our journey we will meet many who will touch our hearts, whether for a brief period of time or for years. The important thing is to find within ourselves that which we found so endearing and awaken that strength and grace. To every situation find a way to include or change your perspective to include a sense of expectant gratefullness, for in living within the feeling of gratefullness bounty is everywhere. It isn't always easy to remember but it is a sure way to find your way out of self-pity and into a world and life with infinite possibilities.

I bid you all a summer of light, and renewed sense of fullfilment in your dreams and hopes.





In the world of gems Zoisite is a relatively new comer. Discovered in Austria during the eighteen hundreds Zoisite made it's first appearance to the world when natural Baron von Zois discovered the crystal. While the structure of the discovered stone made it different, it's appearance did not have any appeal to gem merchants. It was a later discovery near Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967 of a blue variety that created much more interest; that stone was tanzanite. Zoisite itself is usually green in colour and can sometimes have ruby inclusions. Depending on the amount of manganese the crystal can sometimes have a more pinkish colour; it is then called thulite. Zoisite and it's companion minerals can be found in Africa, India, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, and in the USA.

Many of African tribes use and consider Zoisite as fertility stone that aids both men and women. It is also believed to help and protect pregnant women and their fetuses. For a pregnant women Zoisite is said to boost the immune system, and detoxify the body. For the unborn child it is believe to aid in cell division, development and in promoting good health. It must however be used and carried for the whole of the pregnancy as these traits seem to be cumulative and therefore slow to work. Due to the strong green colour, Zoisite works well with the heart chakra for healing and balance.

When Zoisite has Ruby inclusions the energy of the green softens the forceful passion and energies associated with the root chakras.

To cleanse Zoisite it should be held under warm running water for a few moments and allowed to dry in bright sun light.



Zoisite and Zoisite with Ruby Inclusions



The celebration of the Summer Solstice brings with it the strength of growing and ripening dreams and hope. The summer heralds a hint of the bounty available to us and a start to an early harvest of dreams planted before the cold frost of the setting winter light. A foretelling of what our potential is shines in everything we touch if we care to look upon it. Growth is exhilarating and wondrous in it's diversity and promise. Life forces come to a full vibrant crescendo and echo's of that vibration run through every living thing.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, open our eyes to the full radiance of spirit.

Aid us in understand the dreams and hope of ourselves and other so that together our bounty combines into something truly worthy of all of us.

Sustaining fire of will power and determination be a reminder that all that we dream and hope is possible and with our spiritual selves a glow we can over come and prosper to the benefit of all. "

Blessed be.




"I Am Not the Body "

"Beloved God, I know that I am not the body, not the blood, not the energy, not the thoughts, not the mind, not the ego, not the astral self. I am the immortal soul that illumines them all, remaining unchangeable in spite of their changes.

Eternal Youth of body and mind, abide in me forever, forever, forever.

More and more I will depend for energy upon the limitless supply of the inner source of cosmic consciousness, and less and less upon the outer sources of body energy.

O Father, Thine unlimited and all-healing power is in me. Manifest They light through the darkeness of my ignorance.

O Spirit, teach me to heal the body by recharging it with Thy cosmic energy; to heal the mind by concentration and smiles. "


From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda