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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Healing Principle

The Healing Principle is a simple premise for healing and it is the basis of most healing practices whether its talked about or not. Many healers and spiritual writers and teachers have been talking about it for a long. The Healing Principle has 3 simple precepts ... putting these into action however can take a lot of practice and patience. In simple terms the precepts are:

  1. That illness and dis-ease are not a true state of being.
  2. That all treatments are equal in their effectiveness.
  3. The basis of all healing is the Healing Principle.

So what is this oh so wondrous "Healing Principle.?" .... in its basic form the Healing Principle has two parts. Firstly, it begins to explain our connection to the source of all and that when we are connected illness and dis-ease don't exist. Secondly, it deals with how much faith and trust we put into our healing, healers and the methods employed.

For example;

If we took three each patients with the same illness and sent them out seeking help, what would happen? The first patient goes to their doctor, the doctor may send them to a specialist, tests are run, medication or course of treatment prescribed and the patient heals. The second patient goes to a homeopathic or naturopathic doctor, tests are run, natural or homeopathic remedies and treatments are prescribed and the patient heals. The third patient goes to a "faith" healer or energy worker or spiritual healer, insight to the dis-ease in given, advice given and treatment applied and the patient heals.

Now if we take these three scenarios and break them down into their simplest common denominator what are we left with. All three were healed. The means were different but the outcome remains the same. The reality is that whatever healed these individuals runs through all forms of healing. If this single similarity runs through all forms of healing then it has the ability to change as needed and to fit into whatever illness or dis-ease is currently in the body.

This is the basis of what the Healing Principle is all about. Simply that illness and dis-ease are unnatural and have no place in the body, mind or spirit. So how does our faith in this Healing Principle make a difference ....

Example :

If a patient goes to their doctor and they're told that they have a serious dis-ease, however the doctor continues, it's totally curable with a 99.8% survival rate. The procedure is simple and they'll start right away. If you look at the patients mind-set and you see that perhaps "Aunt May" and "Uncle Bob" and maybe even "Cousin John" all died of a similar ailment ... you will notice that the patient actually stopped listening after the dis-ease is named. Why? The thought process and emotional roller-coaster that has been started says "I'm going to die of this dis-ease." True or not the body will continue to deteriorate and will pass away. Our outlook on the illness or dis-ease and our attachments to the emotions and programming that have been instilled into our psyche play a vital role in how we will interpret the Healing Principle.

We've all heard stories of people going into the hospital for simple procedures that they don't survive. Doctors are at a loss as to what has happened. Quite simply the patient has denied and blocked the healing energy of the Healing Principle. They have in effect willed themselves to die. It happens more often then we think or than we'd care to admit. We have also heard the opposite scenario ... a person goes into the hospital after a serious illness or accident and they are not expected to survive but they do. Not only do they survive but they have a "miraculous" recovery, such as the illness totally disappearing from their body to rediscovering the ability to walk or talk or function normally again. These are examples of the Healing Principle in all of its power and glory.

As easy as it sounds it is another of the sometimes elusive mind-sets that we are on the path of discovery for. Using the Healing Principle doesn't have to be complicated and it isn't really. When we begin to look at the emotions that we hold within our bodies we can begin to see how they affect us in our daily lives. However what it also makes us face is our worthiness. Some people don't believe that they are worthy of a pain free existence. Living in the pity of pain and having others caring for us takes the responsibility we have for ourselves away. Some people even seem to thrive in this place of pain and illness. I know of many a healer or care-giver that has gotten trapped within another's pity-pain and it can be very difficult to escape from it.

When we bring forth the Healing Principle and allow others to see the power of the healing, we must include all forms of healing and we must talk about the emotions and underlying causes of all illness. Ultimately the choice is the patient's so it is important that they understand the power that is available in the Healing Principle. So when you read about an illness, whether for yourself or a friend, also look for those stories that bring forth the mind-set that can see the ability of the Healing Principle and begin to look for the emotional traps that we have laid out for ourselves.

The ultimate use of the Healing Principle would be in the prevention of illness and disease. Applying it to our daily lives and using it to interrupt any of the emotional programming that constantly bombards our senses. From the advertisements for medications that only doctors should be prescribing to the caring but sometimes misplaced concerns of loved ones and family members. Understanding the Healing Principle also allows us to redirect our energies and as has been stated by a number of healers .... the mind is stronger than any genetic or heredity programming.

The Healing Principle demands that we take ownership as well as an active part in our healing and well being. Wellness is more that a state of mind or state of being ... it simply is the only state that is real.

I bid you well-being on your discovery of Healing Principle and of the limitless health that is yours. Blessings.



Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone comes to us from southern Mexico. It is a relatively new stone to the healing world. Yet it is distinctive in its appearance. Usually dark green to black with bright inclusions, of green, white or pale blue, which look like the stars or nebulae. Some of the pieces can be marvelously stunning in their appearance. The one unusual thing about Nebula stone is that it lacks classification by the scientific community .... there seems to be no consensus of what type of mineral or combination this is or to what it could be similar too.

Nebula Stone is primarily a stone that deals with the mind and the connection to the All or Source. Its primary effect on the body can be one of restored vitality and a sense of true well-being and health. When the mind can connect to the power of the All or Source, some very powerful forces can be allowed to work on the physical state. Nebula stone becomes a powerful healing stone as it channels these forces, that are sometimes referred to as the Healing Principle. This principle sets the mind/spirit/body in a state that begins to understand that illness and dis-ease are not the normal way of being and that our emotions and thought processes are the underlying instigators of the physical manifestation.

In the realm of self, Nebula stone is very useful in connecting to your "higher-self" or the Source of all. Many have used it in meditation to attain information from the Akashic records; these are the records of past life experiences and the scripts of the present. Nebula stone allows the user to find clarity in their thought processes and in whatever material they read or write. The stone also helps the user to release emotions and thoughts that no longer serve a purpose in their life. It return it allows the user to find new ways of seeing and thinking about situations so that cycles can be broken and spiritual and mental growth can take place. Nebula stone allows the user to find their place in the universe and in their own world. It brings about a true understanding of self and the connections we have and to the connections we make.

As a healer I haven't found a need to cleanse my own Nebula stone. Its connection to infinity and to the source of all makes it far less likely to pick up strangling energies. If you feel the need to cleanse your own stone then rest it outside or on a window sill over night with the stars and moon shinning brightly.


nebula stone nebula stone 2

Nebula Stone



The celebration of the Summer Solstice is an ancient celebration that we still look forward to even when we are no longer children. The beginning of summer holds for us a sweet, dear memory of childhood freedom and for many of us the prospect of a summer vacation. We sometimes long for the fires of summer to take hold of our spirit and ignite the youthful exuberance buried beneath our cares. It is a time to remember simple joys, the joys of childhood; laying in a field watching for shapes in clouds, searching fields in search of a magical 4-leaf clover, catching lightening bugs and sharing all these joys and more with our own families. The Summer Solstice is a reminder that even if there is work to be done there will always be time to experience the joys of summer.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Help us to see the wonders and bounty of this world.

Open our eyes, hearts and minds to the possibilities of joy so that we

can see the world as new each day just as children.

Help us to lift our hearts with joy so we may experience the sheer joy of living."

Blessed be.



"Laughter of Children"

"Open my ears so that I may hear the laughter of children.

The laughter of joy, of play, of simple pleasures.

In the laughter of children is hidden a thing beyond time and beyond caring;

it is a thing of Divine beauty.

It wings my spirit up to the heights of heaven so that the world around me is new once again.

Renewed and reborn in hope and love.

The simplest pleasure can be the greatest joy, so I too will laugh like a child and be joyful once again.

I will rejoice in the laughter of children both young and old.

I will celebrate the laughter of children with my own Divine inner child."


June 2009