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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Simple Gestures

It strange how we choose to see our lives and our experiences. We give credence to the big milestones; births, deaths, marriages and children. We have slogans to remind us that life it isn't about the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away. We have celebrations for ancient victories and events that have changed our world. We celebrate our traditions and the meanings behind them with all the pomp and ceremony that we can muster and afford. All in the name of showing people that we care. Yet sometimes it doesn't seem to be enough or even right. How easy is it to forget that life consists of so much more, even if it is on a smaller, simpler scale.

In our life of plenty and abundance we can get lost and loose sight of some very simple yet profound joys and beauty that surround us. We demand that our attention be held captive by technology, by friends, and by family. We expect bigger and we expect better. Even with nature, we expect our share of magnificence. We expect the best; the most glorious sunsets, beautiful sunrises and brilliant rainbows. With all events, both big and small we allow disappointment to colour our perceptions when we don't get to see what we expect. We find it easy to feel left out or let down with the slightest fault in our expectations and in the perceptions and expectations of others. So we must decide if our perceptions of our world and of ourselves need to change.

So much joy can be found in the simplest things and sometimes they can provide us with the most basic and necessary of joys. It's because they are simple, quick or easy that we tend to forget the significance of many of our actions and gestures. The simple gestures that make us human, that connect us through our hearts and spirits and make us truly one. What we tend to forget is that these simple things can have the greatest impact on our lives and on the lives of those people we meet and interact with.

We've all heard or read stories about how one small act of kindness changed someone's perception of their life and prevented a horrible loss or tragedy. We've watch rage, prejudice and violence escalate until, we can barely stand to watch it or hear about it, then to see a small child or tiny animal caught in the midst, being cradled in someone's arms, finally safe and we feel the world begin to breathe again. We've felt and the anger of close friends and family members end in feuds and harsh words, only to watch as remorse sets in when things can't be made "right" and there is no one left to comfort.

Simple gestures have a profound impact. Not just to the one who does the action but to everyone who sees or receives the benefit of that action. Take the hand of someone who seems lost and see hope come alive in their eyes. Gently hug a body wracked with heartfelt sobs to see their body relax and their pain begin to ease. See desperation turn to possibility as someone reaches out and takes hold of a lonely hand clenched tight against the world. Watch a smile spread through a room where there was only loneliness with the arrival of a friend, a family member or even an animal. See possibility begin to form when there is a sudden realization that we aren't alone. See the eyes of a child shine bright with acceptance as the comforting hand or presence of a parent offers timeless love and appreciation. See a person's features soften with the touch of a young child who brings hope.

All of these simple gestures have irreplaceable and even life changing potential. They help to make us human and they connect us, one living being to another. It is time to celebrate these simple gestures and make them a constant part of our lives and interactions. For we all need to experience the joys and benefits that even simple gestures bring to our lives.

I bid you peace as you enjoy and share in life's simple gestures. Blessings.




Onyx is a very common crystal. It is widely available from sources in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Brazil and South Africa. Onyx is a very recognizable stone as it is most commonly black in appearance. However some crystals can have opaque coloured striations similar to marble. Most crystals available to buyers have been either highly polished or prepared for use in jewelry. To attune the energies of Onyx for your own use it has been suggested that it be worn frequently for long periods so that the energies and powers have time to build as Onyx's power builds slowly. In history, Onyx was used to treat eye disorders because some of the inclusions in the Onyx will look like eyes. Onyx was considered one of the more important healing crystals.

As a tool for physical healing, Onyx is most often used to balance universal energies. It will bring balance between the yin/yang energies within the body. To balance the body's energy, Onyx must be laid on the body and allowed time to realign and strengthen the natural energy flows. Onyx has also been said to increase the wearer's stamina for both physical and emotion ordeals that must be completed. Onyx was traditionally used for skin infections, burns, inflammation, sunburn and other fungal infections. To treat these conditions Onyx elixirs/water are best. The infected/burnt areas should be rinsed several times a day with the elixir and have an elixir compress place over night on the area.

Spiritually, Onyx has been used traditionally to deflect negative energy and bring inner peace, self-confidence and harmony. It also helps provide the spiritual and mental stamina needed to succeed in any of the tasks that arise in the life lessons we need to learn. Onyx's connection to the universal energies can allow the wearer to connect with all of the events of their lives which can be used to help heal past-life trauma and lessons that still may be impacting this life. These universal energies also make it possible for the wearer to seek the strength within to complete their tasks without involving other opinions that may make decisions more difficult.

Onyx needs to be cleaned regularly because of the energies and memories that flow through it. Rinsing Onyx under running water weekly will help the crystal to retain it's energy stores. If Onyx is used very frequently it is also beneficial to allow the crystal to be healed under ground over night.





A Special Kind of Healing

We all know the special bond we have with animals and the magic that can happen with them in our lives. We've all heard stories of autistic children becoming open and being able to express themselves with the help of a loving pet. We've heard the medical reports that talk to how petting and being close to an animal can lower blood pressure, and how even therapy pets that go to hospitals can help patients feel like they have a reason to continue living. To all of these I would like to add my own special experience. A story of love and healing that I wasn't even aware was happening until after their passing, as is so often the case.

A brief history.

A work accident fifteen years ago scared my respiratory system and since then numerous more exposures have resulted in overly sensitive airways and at times even reduced lung capacity. The extent of damage not truly understood, the amount of toxins still undetermined. Then entered into my life two beautiful Siamese cats, Khan and Sony, brothers. At a time when my own child was growing up and not needing a mother's constant care, these two gave me reason to work through the discomfort of breathing and gave me the will to get up, get moving and get on with my life. Their love and constant attention, their need for comfort and cuddles all contributing to a desire to return me to myself as much as possible.

Sony was the runt of the litter. A true little scraper. He loved to play rough and love rough. Even while throwing his full body weight into his head butts just to say "I love you." He wanted to share his idea of love and cause whatever mischief he could dream up. Khan was the big brother. A true robust male that enjoyed his comfort and enjoyed being pampered as long as no one saw him. They loved each other greatly and us too.

A couple of years ago Sony got ill. He stopped eating and drinking. He became lethargic and our hearts ached as we took him to the vet and got the news. His little body become septic and there was nothing they could do for him. We wept and his brother searched for him over and over again. Then Khan stepped up and over the next two and a half years, if he was awake he had to be near me and touch me. Whether he wrapped his tiny paw around my finger and squeezed, or rested his paw on my arm or nuzzled his head against me, he was there. Always close enough to touch and to make sure I knew he was there. Love flowed from those beautiful blue eyes and a deep peace settled within me. Then recently his breathing changed and he began to struggle as had I for the last fifteen years. The vet thought it was allergies and that inhalers would do the trick. X-rays showed something different. His chest had filled with a solid mass and his lungs were mottled and damaged. He passed as I held him tight and wept.

Then the news came that I had won the legal battle that had dominated the last fifteen years of our lives. The sudden realization of how much they had both done for me in that time took hold and a deep, heartfelt gratitude for all that they had endured out of love truly came home to me. Thoughts of how they had come into my life as all of this had started, to them leaving when the struggle was over. Thoughts of how much those tiny bodies took into themselves, as healers and without knowing how to rid themselves of those chemical damages, that had changed my life were overpowering. Just how much did they contribute to healing and comforting me through these things and more started to come to mind. Not thoughts of "how strange" but thoughts of "Wow" and "How beautiful and wonderful" to have known such capability and such love. Such pure and simple devotion.

These two loving pets gave freely and lovingly of themselves to see to it that I was able to continue along my path. You see, it isn't just people that come into our lives for "a moment, a day, a year or a lifetime," no the connections run much wider and deeper than that. It's just the importance we put on those relationships that can blind us to other important connections that are around us. Yet the healing touch of pets can be as profound as that of the most talented doctor or healer, if not more so if we would but look at it for what it truly is. Pets and people remind us of our connections to one another and to all living things. We are touched by Grace because we can find and accept love in any form that it is given to us and we can be healed if we but open our hearts to it.

Grant peace to all who heal for their's is a service of love. Blessed be.


"Love's Gentle Touch"

"Each morning I wake to the gentle breeze that caresses my skin. Loves gentle touch.

A reminder of everlasting Love and acceptance that softly wakes me and holds me as Its own.

Yet as the day moves forward how easy it is to forget that gentle touch.

The noise of the world and work gets in the way and I wonder where has it gone.

The commotion of life compounds the feeling of being alone and without that gentle touch.

Is there nothing to remind me of Love's gentle touch, in my daily life?

Yes, there is but it is so gentle that it can be mistaken for something less special.

The hug of a friend, a smile from people we pass, the gentle touch of a pet, the sound of life.

Their presence is soft and fills the the need to feel Love's touch again.

Be it fleeting or constant, that touch is always with me and in that I can rejoice for again I feel,

Love's gentle touch."

June 2011