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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Understanding Negativity

Negativity.... an interesting emotion that plays havoc with all of our other emotions and our sense of balance and justice. It comes in many forms; cynicism, depression, frustration, fatigue, pain, hopelessness, helplessness and so on. It plagues us and runs rampant through our societies and our cultures.

Negativity seems to be the bane of all spiritual growth and existence and unfortunately, it is everywhere. From our daily news, our friends and family, our loved ones, our co-workers, our jobs, people we meet, people we must interact with, people we support and people that support us ... simply everywhere. There is always someone who is more than willing to let those downward spiraling thoughts take control of their lives, their words and their actions. It becomes a part of their every conversation and every thought. It takes over, and it becomes their existence and their only view of life. In reality it takes on a life of its own, becoming more like a living thing that continues to demand attention no matter the cost; physically, mentally or spiritually. Negativity gathers its energy by using the constant rehashing and telling of its tale of woe. Yet, people will refuse to acknowledge that it has taken such a lofty place in their lives and they will use the excuse that they are being realistic, down-to-earth, and living by society's dictates and demands by restating it over and over again.

Yes, they or you may be in that dark place of being unable to see the light but it isn't necessarily as black as it is perceived. Mind you telling them or yourself that is almost impossible. The expression of "can't see the forest for the trees" comes to mind. Unfortunately, when spiritually living people become the focus of these negative thoughts and emotions, whether caused by our own perception or by the actions and emotions of other people, it can feel like the world has turned against us. This is when the negative emotional, blackmail starts to seep within the psyche and can create havoc if left unchecked. We seek to flee from it and unfortunately many do, only to find that it has followed and seems to have gotten stronger. Why ... because we've effectively cut ourselves off from the sustaining Light in our lives.

Does that mean that we can ignore it? No, it doesn't but we do need a strategy to combat it. One that is both fit for the individual and the psyche. Running away is the society mind's response and it can have devastating effects, both spiritually, mentally and physically. Learning how to handle the emotional turmoil and to redirect or change the negative energy is best. Each person must find the way to accomplish it for this is a struggle that is individual in nature. Seems strange that it would be individual but the reality is just that. It is an individual emotional response to circumstances. Whether you have control or not, whether you can change things or not ... it comes down to each person, and how the situation or event is viewed and what course of action is taken.

The truth with negativity is that it represents to the spirit and psyche that these circumstances are the major life lessons and experiences that we've set apart for ourselves. So it becomes unreasonable to expect everyone to jump into the foray with us. Their lives and their circumstances are dictating their own experiences of negativity and while they may crisscross and interweave it still is an individual emotional response.

Ultimately finding a way through the negativity and enjoying your life is everyone's goal. How that is accomplished is as individual as the drama and circumstance of each life. No one answer is all telling, however some things do help. Seek out positive mantras, and people for support. Stop nay-sayers from intruding into your thought patterns with a simple "enough," and fore most and most importantly self-auditing. We need to stop the tirade of the negative emotional storm within ourselves. We need to look at what has gone "right" and while we cannot avoid what has gone "wrong," the fact is that each new day is just that; a new day. A new chance to move into the emotions we want to have around us, a new chance to decide how we will see our world and our place within it. Yes things don't always proceed the way we envision, or desire but they do proceed. New doors open, new emotional storms brew and changing lives and perspectives are a part of our existence.

There are many wise words on finding happiness, and on defeating negativity. The internet, movies, music and books are filled with people's ideas and thoughts on how to help you cope with these emotional upheavals. While they all have merit, they do not speak to any one person's events. First and fore most we are emotional beings. Since we are emotional beings we must also experience all of the emotions that this life and our path have to give us. We may not enjoy some of it but in these times we grow beyond the measure of what we thought possible about ourselves and our lives. This gives us reason to soar to new heights, just to see how far we've actually come. Unfortunately the only safety net we're give is our sense of Divinity and a deep knowledge of the unconditional love of Spirit, that is always with us. In times of deep emotional negativity, we sometime misplace our safety markers, but they are still with us. It takes a concerted effort to stop the panic and really take a look around at the safety markers that we have in our lives. The best response we can give is to look at the reasons for our emotional responses and the fears that drive them.

I bid you peace as you find your way through the negative and into peaceful being. Blessings.




Jasper is a fairly common crystal that comes in many shades and is known by many names. It is available from around the world although some colours are more connected to specific sites, such as, yellow from India and Mexico and red from the Black Forest region in Europe. It is also widely available from France, Egypt, USA, Africa, Australia and Brazil. The colouring of Jasper can vary greatly. It can found in shades of yellow, brown, blue, purple, green and red. Each colour of Jasper will have additional benefits for the body, mind and spirit than those that are listed below. Jasper is sometimes referred to as the "Supreme Nurturer." There are connections with Jasper in many cultures, including the Christian bible and Asian and Native Americans perceive it to be a magical rain stone.

As a tool for physical healing, Jasper works well on re-balancing the mineral levels within the body and supporting the circulatory and digestive systems, including the liver, pancreas and spleen. It is also said that Jasper can increase sexual energy and fertility and works to enhance the sexual organs. Massaging the body with polished Jasper is believed to act as an aphrodisiac and has been used that way since Ancient Egypt. When worn as jewelry, Jasper is said to increase stamina. As an elixir, Jasper is can aid with weight loss if taken one hour before meals and constipation if drank every second day first thing in the morning. Please consult an elixir specialist before consuming any crystal elixirs.

Spiritually, Jasper is a stone of support. It helps the wearer during times of stress and upheaval. Jasper can help maintain emotional and spiritual balance in the face of tumultuous situations. Jasper can be used the body's chakra meridians to re-balance and stabilize the energy zones. It can also help the mind to find and hold on to the determination to see things through to their end or completion. Jasper allows the mind and spirit to reorganize and stimulate the imagination so that ideas and plans can be transformed into reality.

Jasper should be cleansed after each use by rinsing under warm water and then allowing it to dry among hematite stones.





Thoughts for June and July

Summer is upon us. We begin to dream and plan our vacations, time away from daily grinds or to see and celebrate with family both far and near. Summer excites us like no other season. It quickens our thoughts to find new ways to be in the sun, be active and to be and feel alive. While we rejoice and enjoy our Spring, Summer is about living our passions.

June is the month for finishing up over due tasks. Exams and school are finished, leaving the time and desire to experience more of the whole wide world. We celebrate the release of these weights, the burden we bore from them is suddenly lifted from our shoulders and the joy that has been brewing since the early Spring bursts forth. Freed from these tasks our spirits spring forth, almost skipping with delight. A child-like view of the world takes hold and we desire to nurture and keep this new view alive.

July brings celebrations of freedom and fun. The heat is on and we relish the ability to experience all that is offered. The chill of past seasons fades into distant memories as must the burdens that we have finished enduring. We seek to soar with the birds and float away on soft, white, wispy clouds. We desire to see more, do more, and be more. We ourselves are now more than we were and we make it part of our celebrations without even knowing why we celebrate so whole-heartedly. Our hearts and spirits soar and speed along into the full glory of Summer.

Allow yourself to celebrate and soar to new heights. May your early Summer be blessed.


"Releasing Negativity and Fear"

"The world goes by and screams at the injustices it sees and feels.

My world gets wrapped up in these expressions of fear and helplessness, conflict and abuse.

Where do my heart and mind find peace with this life, and these events.

'Within..., deep within" comes the answer. It whispers through my body and mind.

It echoes though my spirit and sends shivers though my psychic and physical body.

I feel that truth and I know it well. Even in the darkest of times there is a light.

This was avowed millennia ago when I took this pledge to live a physical life.

I stop myself from becoming a part of the fear, the panic, the hurt and the rage.

I go deep within myself, where I had begun to think that I was empty.

Empty of hope, empty of desire, empty of peace. I rest within this dark, searching.

There in the dark, after what seems like an eternity, a light. Tiny yet bright.

Proof there is always hope, proof that I have peace and the ability to continue within me.

I allow my spirit to race towards it and I feel refreshed.

I know that no matter what, I need not be consumed with fear and negativity.

I am whole in spirit, I am whole in body and I am in charge of me."

June/July 2012