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A New Awareness

2013 is a year that is destined to bring to minds, hearts, and souls of mankind, a new and wondrous understand of love. Love with all of it's nuances; the good, the bad, the messy, the aches and the splendid. It will allow us to better understand ourselves, our connections and bring about a more complete knowledge of compassion and of our spiritual growth and empowerment. Understanding this new energy will allow us to grow in ways unexpected. Therefore let's journey forward into a wonderful new experience.

Silence & Stillness: Begin to Change

When we think of silence and stillness what really comes to mind. Our minds quickly return to childhood memories ... sitting quietly while others talk, not moving though itching to do or say something and possibly being bored beyond possibility. As adults, we find these concepts of silence and stillness, somewhat unreasonable within the framework of our busy lives. We have been taught that we need to make our voices heard and that we need to struggle for recognition and title. All motion and noise. We sit for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths and believe we've been still. We have a coffee break and quietly sip our drinks away from others and say that this is silence. Yet the concepts of silence and stillness are much more and can be much more complex and difficult to achieve. Silence and stillness are still reserved for bedtime or for when we feel truly powerless in the shadow of 'authority.' Yet the benefits of learning to be silent and still can be life altering and so very positive.


When we think of stillness we automatically assume that silence must be a part of it. Yet stillness can occur without silence, especially when it is a totally internal experience. Stillness has two main aspects; one of mind and one of the body. They usually happen together, which is what most people envision, yet it is possible to experience stillness in both aspects separately. Stillness, while not necessary as part of silence, brings with it many benefits of it's own.

Stillness of the mind has a calming effect. When we force the mind into stillness we are able to stop the emotional storms that play havoc with our lives. This isn't easy to do and it is one of the reasons that people find meditation so difficult to do, when they first start. The mind does not like stillness, hence many meditation facilitators will refer to the overactive mind as "monkey mind" for it is never still. There is always a sense that we are missing something that is happening and that something is important. We have been conditioned to think that every action must have a reaction and while that may be true in scientific terms, it is not always that way with the mind. Not everything needs an analysis, not everything deserves the energy spent on dissecting the nuances of every word, action or thought. Learning to allow these to flow through when they are not in our interest brings new perspectives. While we can acknowledge and be mindful we don't need to internalize and enhance our suffering. Stillness of the mind is experienced by some people without even recognizing what is happening. For example, athletes, especially runners that I have known, experience stillness of the mind while training. We've all heard of an athlete training "in the zone." The mind actually becomes an inactive part of the process of training. It seems to almost split with basic movement becoming automatic while the rest of the brain goes easily into a still, meditative state.

Stillness in the body is also needed. This is more than just sitting and watching television or reading a book. This is a deep mindful exploration at the body level. At its deepest point, stillness allows us to hear and recognize changes in our body that need our attention. Stillness in the body allows us to examine our physical being and it may actually surprise us as we begin our exploration. In stillness of the body we have the ability to recognize things that are becoming unbalance whether due to activity, thought or dis-ease. Attention given to the body can direct you to better care of yourself versus the ever present should's that come from family, friends and doctors. This allows you to be an integral part of our healing and wellness.


We now have societies that are on the go and wired in 24/7. The hum and buzz of electronic devices is now part of the background noise of every day living. Our senses are bombarded from the time we begin to surface from our dream world until we return there. Many have even had to resort to new electronics to reach their dream states. White noise and sounds from nature now combine with our electronic background noise to become the norm. Noise to cancel noise, all to drown out the sounds, thoughts, and ever present voice from within our heads.

The strange thing with silence is that it can be frightening to many people. Being left alone with just your thoughts and knowing that you are able to spiral out of control on any emotional, unresolved issues can be daunting. The perceived demons of conscious thought that require action, and time can unnerve those not ready to face themselves. Yet in true silence, we can experience many wonderful and transformative events.

In silence, the voice from within, begins to calm down. It no longer needs to shout to be heard and the urgent nattering fades. It becomes a conversational tone, reasonable in it simplicity and yet profound in it's discussions. When in silence, we have free reign to examine ideas and concepts. We can distinguish between what is possible, what is impossible and what is improbable. We can stop the tirade of worse case scenarios that are impressed upon us by society, family, and friends. In the silence of our own minds we can begin to examine our perceptions and in turn alter them.

There is a fear that while in silence our imaginations can run wild; making mountains out of mole-hills and traveling down every dark avenue the mind can conceive. While this may be so, it is also true that mountains can be conquered and seen as the mole-hill they are and that there are light switches available to see through those darkened avenues bringing much needed light to situations. Yet within our imagination is the ability to explore the unconventional and it is in the unconventional that we can connect not just to ourselves but to the Divine. You see, it is through the imagination that we commune with our God-senses. We begin in this silent imagining to open a channel that we were taught was something available only to a select few. When in fact we are all connected to the same universal God-sense and mind.

Exercise: Silence & Stillness

This is an exercise that is usually done in retreat settings although it is possible to achieve similar results with practice. Begin by making a few cards with words like, promise, trust, love, faith, potential, silence, stillness, and any others you desire. Place them around your yard or where ever you will be able to complete this exercise. If there are others in the house you may wish to include them or at the very least have them understand while you will not be talking and why they should not disturb you during this time. At a set time cease talking, turn off all phones, computers, pagers, televisions and stereos/radios. During the next few hours (3 to 4 hours is recommended), take a small notebook and walk quietly in your chosen location. Spend time in stillness until you are comfortable with the idea, then begin to walk quietly and slowly around. As you approach the words allow your senses to respond to the words and record your first impressions. Take your time and allow yourself to find quiet areas where you can sit, quiet your mind before and after each word. Spend time in the quiet, feel the peace of being calm flow through you and spend time just being.

You will find that once you can master the 4 hours, the noise of everyday living will seem loud and you will continue to find solace and calm when you are able to create and spend time within these little oasis of silence and stillness.

I bid you peace as you begin to experience and benefit from become still and silent. Blessings.




Fuchsite is a less common crystal for healing. Fuchsite comes in various shades of green, from light to a medium tone and is part of the mica family of crystals. It is highly reflective. Most of the Fuchsite available comes from Brazil. Fuchsite is known as the Healer's Stone and is an integral part of a healer's kit.

As a tool for physical healing, Fuchsite is mainly used in conjunction with other crystals to enhance and open energy channels throughout the body. On it's own Fuchsite aids in re-balancing the blood cell counts, both white and red cells, especially where immune defense systems have been at work for long periods. Fuchsite has the ability to re-balance excess energy by lowering it's intensity allowing it to flow into or out of the body as needed. Fuchsite is also said to help with joint and repetitive strain injuries such as carpal and can aid the body to regain flexibility and mobility. As a benefit to muscles and back issues, Fuchsite allows for the release of emotional overload within those organs and can facilitate quicker recovery from injuries.

Spiritually, Fuchsite facilitates communication and understanding. Fuchsite allows the user to release past life issues while understanding the ramifications of those issues in this life and can allow the user to connect with the "Universal Mind" for answers and solutions. Fuchsite is also useful to those on a path of justice and service so that they are able to recognize when they have reached a balanced position within their path. This balance helps to prevent feelings of martyrdom and victimization. Fuchsite is especially good for anyone who must practice "tough love" in their relationships, in that it can balance need with unconditional love so that guilt and shame are avoided. Fuchsite allows healers to learn to say "no" without guilt or remorse. It is also said that as the communication channels open, the potential to meet and hear nature and elemental beings increases, especially if meditating in outdoor spaces is possible, though not necessary.

Fuchsite should be cleansed fairly regularly since it aids in energy movement. If the colour or shine of Fuchsite changes then a more thorough cleaning may be necessary. For a thorough cleansing, rinse under warm running water while scrubbing to restore the shine and colour. If a milder cleaning is all that is needed, a quick rinse with water or a brief time in full sun or in amongst tumbled hematite should be all that Fuchsite needs.


Green Fuchsite



Thoughts for June and July

The early months of summer, for the Northern hemisphere, seem to be shrouded in very intense and emotional energies this year. There is a sense of many things coming to an end and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can cause a great deal of turmoil. It is important to remember that with each ending comes a beginning. It is acceptable to grieve what might have been, could have been and so on. It can however become detrimental to our well-being if we do not let the grieving come to a natural end. It is possible and far too easy to get caught and trapped within the energies of self-pity and remorse. For the Southern Hemisphere entering into the fall or dark time of the spiritual and physical year, will provide powerful and poignant releases of both emotional and physical energies. Allow these changes to happen and find within a growing sense of peace and love.

Yet the months of summer are here, full of joy and energy and potential.

June arrives with all the intent of bringing play to mind. Now the weather has changed, heat is building and the thoughts of being free begin to run through our everyday lives. Vacations are planned for school's ending and final tests are taken. Graduations and change is everywhere. The itch to play becomes an intense yearning. Yet with the energy shifts that are so apparent and intense this year, you may find yourself at odds with your desires and duties unlike at any other time. Take time to play, to breathe, and to be. When all is said and done, this is a marvelous coming of age for all of us. July finds us coming to terms with the changes occurring all around us. Time with family and friends can soften the challenges of change. All the while we are becoming wiser and understanding more about the concepts of living a truly spiritual and loving life.



"A Growing Silence"

"The noise of the world awaits. It is not a patient clamouring.

It demands attention and action. It demands a response; immediate and accommodating.

This seems to be not the place for spiritual thoughts and living.

Yet within me something has begun to change.

A growing quiet, a silence, that soothes the thoughts and brings a sense of peace.

A silence that begins to muffle the sound of the world, allowing it to flow past me.

It enfolds me, softening my responses, and calming my spirit.

Within this silence I am complete, and I am content.

My view of the world begins to change and I am separate from the maelstrom.

This silence, this peace protects me and I see the world a new.

Silence and peace prevail, the world goes on, and I exist now and forever,

within the world and still apart in a silence of my own making."



June 2013