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A New Awareness

2014 is proving to be a tumultuous year of spiritual shifts and upheavals and will continue to do so. The awakening is only part of what is being presented to us. Scandals, repercussions, abuses and more are coming to light and are more than waking people up. There is also a sense of accountability for actions taken but the accountability doesn't end there. Those who would seek to point the finger at those who did wrong must be aware and mindful that their intentions must be for the good of all and not just their ego and image. The finger pointing and accusations are beginning to work both ways. Be aware of your intentions and of the skeletons in your own closet for now is the time when spirits will be laid bare and exposed.

Alone, Loneliness and Solitude

Are you alone or lonely? Do you enjoy those times of separation or do you fear and loathe them? Do the thoughts and actions of the past haunt and disrupt those times? So many thoughts come about when you mention taking time out from living and being around others. Those times when we are alone, either by choice or by circumstance, can be daunting and frightening for some.

But why?

Do we fear the times when we are alone or is it something more that we fear? Is it based on childhood fears of monsters in the dark or is it something more? A fear of ourselves and our thoughts, perhaps? Then there are those who thrive on those times of being alone, without the noise of others, because they can find peace. We have to wonder though just how deep that feeling of being alone runs. We need to distinguish between being alone, being lonely and solitude. While on the surface we've made the meaning of the words almost synonymous, we do acknowledge that there are differences.

We can all be alone at one time or another. We all know what it is to be alone. Some people enjoy and need the crowd, while others prefer the quiet that comes from being alone. While we are alone we find it easy to explore our connections to life and nature. When we are alone for too long though, we sometimes begin to confuse being alone and being lonely, especially when it comes to our loved ones and sometimes even our selves. There is a hidden fear that being alone will become an enduring state of loneliness.

Being lonely is the deeper fear within being alone. There is an inherent energy of being betrayed and deserted by those we care about and a fear that we may betray our selves if left alone for too long. There is no outward reassurance that can break through the binding fear. Being lonely is a trap that we set for our own minds and spirits. When the world becomes too heavy we will build barriers to protect us and then sit and wonder why we are all alone and why no one cares. We are the only ones who can break through and decide how we will allow this energy to exist. Changing it to acknowledge the fear and other trapped emotions is difficult at best and sometimes almost impossible without a great deal of work and self examination. Then there is a third state, solitude, and it is even harder to distinguish and even less understood.

Solitude though runs much deeper within us. Solitude is the part within each of us that can never be touched by another. Whether through love, or words, through touch or through spirit, solitude is at our very core. Solitude is a deep abiding stillness within each of us and it is time when we will face our deepest thoughts and fears. It is also where we can discover our path and it is a deeper connection to the Light within.

Solitude, itself, can be one of the hardest tests of self we endure. These times of solitude seem to be even more wrenching than other tests and journeys of self simply because we can't lay solitude aside. If we are working on our own self worth or love of self there are always instances when we can take a break, and find reassurance outside of our own thoughts. Solitude however, haunts our nights and our dreams and it stalks us during the day even in the midst of family and friends and celebrations. Yet unlike being alone, within solitude we find a sense of peace. Solitude is the point beyond being lonely once the fear and emotions have been released.

Ultimately, solitude is not an outward state of being. Solitude exists as a whole within each of us. Solitude can and is a stoic and enduring peace and comfort that cannot be shaken by the outside world no matter what event is happening. Solitude is the open communication and communion with the life force that exists, whether you call it God, Goddess or Source. Solitude is the path that takes us to our highest potential. Yes the outside world will always try to impede and intercede to break our connection with it. Yet once we understand solitude and find the beauty, peace and reassurance it provides, there is nothing that will shake your spirit from the security of established solitude.

I bid you peace as you discover yourself and the beauty, quiet and healing available in solitude. Blessings.



Tiger's Eye (Revisited)

When I began writing about crystals I was aware that I was doing an injustice to the energy of many crystals with my then limited experience. I am therefore going to revisit a number of crystals and give them proper dues.

Tiger's Eye is a fairly common crystal and has been widely used for healing. Tiger's Eye is easily recognizable. The unique structure of the fibres within the Tiger Eye quartz give it the appearance of being an eye. The most common colour for Tiger's Eye is brown with golden inclusions but there are other colours including red, yellow and blue. Most Tiger's Eye crystals come from South Africa, North America, India and Australia.

As a tool for physical healing, Tiger's Eye is very beneficial to the respiratory system. Asthmatics and those suffering from bronchitis can use Tiger's Eye to easy constriction. Usually this is done by wearing the Tiger's Eye under a bandage or taped to the area between the solar plexus and navel. It is important not to leave the Tiger's Eye in this position for more than a day or two due to the crystal's ability to change energy flows within the body. Tiger's Eye has also been used for the treatment of migraines and headaches. Tiger's Eye is also said to support and strengthen the eyes and circulatory system. Again each colour will a little more beneficial to certain parts of the body. Blue Tiger's Eye works as a calmative and can ease stress. Red Tiger's Eye can ignite a passion for living and for doing the things that need doing. Yellow or gold Tiger's Eye heightens ones awareness of surrounding and circumstances and highlight possible courses of action.

Spiritually, Tiger's Eye is a stone of unification and can lead the user to a greater sense of self. It will allow the user to find the path to be able to be self-reliant during those times of solitude. Tiger's Eye aids in the recognition of self and of self-worth. It allows the user to rid themselves of negative programming about themselves, and their situations.

When Tiger's Eye is placed into jewelry pieces or when it is used for healing, it is important that it not be worn or used continuously. The energy within Tiger's Eye and it's ability to stem the flow of energy within the body can cause other issues if the wearer is not conscious of it. There will be certain times when certain energies need to be controlled and during those times it is best to wear Tiger's Eye, then cleanse and put it away until needed once again.

Tiger's Eye requires regular cleansing, especially if used in healing modalities. The buildup of energy can make Tiger's Eye dull and heavy to the touch. Tiger's Eye should be rinsed under warm running water and then allow it to sit in full sunlight until it is dry and warm to the touch.

Red and Gold Tiger's Eye

Red & Gold Tiger's Eye


Thoughts for June and July

The early months of summer bring us to our childhood thoughts of freedom and vacations. Endings so often happen at this time of year. Perhaps they are major endings if you are now leaving home, finishing school, getting married or some other major life event. The group activities that have helped us get through the cold and dark parts of the year break apart. We celebrate jobs well done and yet there can be an underlying sadness. For the summer months also signal a change in our lives whether we accept it or not. There is a shedding that takes place in the summer. Not just of the heavy clothes we wear but of the things that would rob us of our joys and freedoms. Work and chores seem less important as we are called forth to remember childhood joys. We can shed the burdens of living our expected life's when we embrace the innocence of summer and of our spirits. We tend to think of our selves as cynical and hard and that we must be this way to survive. Yet during these months of summer cracks appear within the framework of what is expected and we find the strength and the joy within ourselves to begin to break free. Even while these times may be fleeting and far between, during the summer it is easier to hear the call and release the invisible chains that bind us to society's expectation. So for now embrace your inner child, laugh in the sun, dance in the rain and allow your spirit to be free.




"Ripples in the Stillness"

"Peace envelopes me and I am content.

Within the stillness I exist, whole, unburdened and calm.

Yet even here peace does not always remain.

Thoughts and actions collide and their effect ripples outward.

Some ripples collide and create new ripples while others simply fade.

In truth each ripple serves it's purpose and time and fades,

peace and stillness return.

They affect my surface world but not

my core, not who I truly am.

I am constant. I am still and I am complete within myself."


June 2014