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A New Awareness

As 2016 begins, we face many more challenges as spiritual beings. Our awakening can at time be tumultuous and disheartening and yet it can also be a time of wonder, joy and grace. The energy shifts will still cause some angst and some upsets. Emotions will run from one extreme to the other and yet in between will be times that will bring our spirits the respite and rest that is needed for each new shift. As we embrace the new understandings of ourselves and our world we will continue to grow and support each other.

Grief and Grieving

We all experience grief and grief is another of those tough periods of spiritual growth and change. We all loose people who are dear to us whether they leave the area or pass away. In fact we will lose almost everyone that is dear to us at some point. We all experience grief differently and our spirit helps in determining how we handle our grief and how we move forward in the days, weeks, months and years that follow. Grief itself is one of the rawest emotions we experience. In this state we are most vulnerable and at the same time most capable. The range of the emotion runs the gambit from the wailing person laying prostate over a coffin, to quietly weeping, to being a stoic figure that seems to function through whatever the loss.

When we see someone grief stricken we can find ourselves frozen and unable or unwilling to intercede. There is a huge sense of this being a private emotion and experience even though we seek to be there for those who have suffered the loss. As an outsider to the grief, we say words of encouragement that have been heard for generations and yet even to our own ears this can sound hollow and more like noise. Yet it is a loving and caring spirit that sees us move into those occasions of grief and it is a joining at a very basic level that spreads throughout those assembled. It is a calling that spirit responds to and it calls to those within the soul cluster we experience life with. Even in the case of a senior, who has lived longer than most of their generation, there is a feeling of peace even when there are very few physical people in attendance. It can create a buoyancy for those who are left behind; an unseen yet loving support that infuses the space, and the mind, heart, and spirit of those who remain.

When we experience grief many things begin to happen, on the spiritual plane as well as the physical, if we listen and allow them to enter into our awareness. Even within the extremes of emotion there are points of stillness, instances of calm that can spread and create a sense of peace. At this time we connect with our source. In those moments of stillness is a promise. A promise that things will change, love survives, a knowing that our loved one is at peace and a sense that we too will be alright if not now eventually. Our spirits enter into a state of being that can connect us on a level so much deeper than we would expect. This is a reconnection at a level that understands the physical dream and the reality of spirit.

This calm stillness fluctuates as we begin the process of accepting our loss and mapping out the changes our path will take because of it. It makes it easier to move forward with plans and sometimes it can even release other, older emotions that we've held on to for their false sense of security. It allows us to free our mind and spirit from expectations and guilt that could restrain or hinder our movement. Yet it isn't a condemnation of our emotions, it is a way to remove blockages and clear our paths. Its also one of the reasons that when we find that calm stillness, we will seek it out more and more until we recreate that feeling within ourselves and it is easily accessed.

In these instances our own spirits grow. They grow in ways that are not of our design but are necessary for our journey. These are growths that challenge our perception of life and our abilities to cope. As spiritual beings it is sometimes easier to focus and grow when we and our journey are not in the way. Grief takes us out of the equation for a time. It removes us from other forces and makes us focus outward with the mind set of letting go.

Yet over time our grief changes. It mellows and becomes less raw, less consuming and life begins to take on a familiar sense again. There may always be tears when we remember a loved one that is gone but our spirits begin to tinge the tears with memories of happy times. This is the gift the spirit brings to us. It is the constant loving memories and the energies of those loved ones and the soul cluster that boost us and keep us surrounded. The balance of living and growing resumes and we are changed because of it.

I bid you peace as you grow through the losses you experience. Blessings.



Peridot (Revisited)

Peridot is very common crystal and has been used by many civilizations. Green Peridot is most common although it can be varying shades of green, yellow, red and even brown. Most Peridot comes from the United States, Brazil, Russia, Ireland and Sri Lanka. In ancient times Peridot was believed to be a stone of protection and is still prized for its ability to strengthen and protect our auric fields therefore Peridot is a crucial stone for healers both for healing and for protecting the self.

As a tool for physical healing, Peridot helps in ridding the body of toxins on all levels of being. Peridot aids in the healing of trauma and scars. It can aid is regenerating tissues as the body sheds harmful toxins. Peridot has been used to aid many functions within the body, most noticeable the heart, lungs, digestive tract, spleen and gallbladder. Peridot can also strengthen and balance out the metabolic rate of the body. It has also been beneficial in strengthening the eyes.

Spiritually, Peridot is beneficial in clarifying our paths and can aid in releasing negative thoughts and patterns that we tend to repeat often. On the auric level, Peridot aids in opening, clearing and releasing emotions and other blockages from the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. It allows the release of people, situations, and emotions that no longer serve a purpose in our life or that were toxic or unhealthy. Peridot makes it easier to identify and connect with our guides while helping us to understand and accept our path and journey. Peridot's ability to release old ways of thinking and behaving, and old emotions such as jealousy, spite, and resentment make it a valuable stone for anyone going through stressful times.

Peridot should be cleansed monthly under warm running water. Allow Peridot to rest in full sunlight to recharge. A bowl of rock crystals will also speed the recharging process.




Thoughts for June & July

The warmth and sun are here and our bodies and spirits long to be outside, in nature feeling the forces of life and of other living beings. It's a sensation that we store away for when the cold and chill return and life takes on a more serious tone once again. We instinctively associate the summer months with freedom and childhood joys no matter what else is happening in our lives. The call of the sun and the living earth speak to the primal forces that bring us simple joys. From the first of the summer flowers to the early crops that ripen there is no denying the forces of life and the power they have to raise our emotional levels above the mundane and sometimes dreary thoughts and events that surround us. We even seek out the reminders of the joys of life. We watch children play in the park and on the swings. We watch people pack their cars and travel to new locations or to visit family and friends. Yes life goes on, work goes on, chores go on but during the summer we can allow ourselves the indulgence of being a part of the joy of living. The secret becomes remembering to bring that joy into everything and every season we experience.



"A Final Letting Go"

"Today the sun rose like every other day.

Yet today is different, today I had to let you go.

I've watched you change and age.

We've argued and I've held my frustrations at bay.

I've tried to be everything and still be myself.

I don't know how I did and I fear I failed in some way or another.

A part of me wants to celebrate all that was and yet the grief is fresh and alive.

The tears flow at random times throughout the day.

Yet deep within me is a joy waiting to come out, waiting to be acknowledged.

Life has been good, it has been bad and it has been magnificent.

But then you haven't really left.

It was not your spirit that I had to let go of but the physical body.

Your touch and your voice run through the still hours and there is peace and

a quiet reverence for all that was.

So into the hands of God I release my sorrow as I know that you have flown home.

I can finally trust your safe and whole and I can finally let go and let peace return.

God Bless."


June 2016