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A New Awareness

2017 is certainly off to a difficult, and painful start. In the midst of all our wonders and glorious achievements some of our baser fears and uncertainties have been made manifest. Yet our response has been quick and determined. A fever pitch of spirit has risen and will not be silenced or returned to old ways. In many ways we are loosing or have lost some very dear relationships and connections but there is the potential that all that has been stripped away is indeed making room for massive growth and rebuilding. In order to rebuild our hopes, our dreams, and our potentials away from false beliefs and misunderstandings so that the footings that we put down now will be strong enough, durable enough, and held dear enough to make the changes that will wake and grow us in to the beings we were always meant to be.

A Mediocre Life

As spiritual beings we come into this life full of promise, potential, and the desire to do well on our journey. As we grow, we begin to understand some of this world and our path becomes more alive to us. We find a calling. That special something that calls us to be of service wherever it is needed. We begin along the journey that we believed to be set before us and then ... nothing. Something happens, something changes, something blocks us, or nothing happens. Or perhaps we never find a calling. We go from task to task, day in and day out, and think little of it until someone wants us to "make something of ourselves."

Each scenario brings with it a sudden shock. What if we were never meant to do...? What if we never become...? What will happen if...? What was missed...? We experience a sudden and shocking loss, even if we never dreamt of anything larger than what we have! In that moment the feeling of loss and grief can be almost insurmountable.

The grief of a loss of a dream or vision can bring about abrupt and sometimes cruel changes in a person's life. In our defense and to our detriment we cut ourselves off from those we care about and who care about us. The hurt and heart-ache can even bring us to the depths of a spiritual desert with no lights or beacons to guide us. These times definitely test the spirit's resilience and sometimes we need to make difficult decisions.

We need to ask the question ... Is a mediocre life a bad thing? Absolutely not.

Unfortunately the term mediocre creates a mental and spiritual block. It separates us from a few facets of society and from our spiritual supports. It challenges our self-worth, our dedication to our growth, and any number of excuses to do what feels right. Letting go of spiritual dreams, even if for only a period of time, can be difficult and depressing. It can call into doubt everything that was believed and trusted in and the echo within the mind will want to call it a failure. But this type of life is one of simple joys especially if the journey up to this point has been difficult. A mediocre life is an option that is available to all people. It also doesn't have to be the only life option.

Taking time to enjoy a mediocre life can bring rewards for those who haven't reached their spiritual goals. At its very heart is a time of quiet reflection and a reprioritizing of dreams. Some dreams maybe kept alive in different formats, some maybe put away until another time or another life or for someone else. No matter what happens during this mediocre period a spiritual person needs to concentrate, not on their dreams but on themselves. The mediocre life has the purpose of recreating the simple joys and abundance awareness so necessary for spiritual movement. This period is also very useful for removing unhealthy spiritual energies while strengthening the bonds that will eventually help us move forward once again.

I bid you peace when a mediocre life becomes an option for rest and revitalization. Blessings.




Garnet is a very common crystal. It has been used since antiquity by many civilizations. Garnet can be found worldwide though most now comes from Canada, Australia, USA, South Africa, and Madagascar. Garnet crystals come in many colours and while the red and dark red are most common Garnet can also be green, yellow, pink, brown, and black. Garnet is considered a holy stone in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Indian mythology calls Garnet "Kundalini Fire". Garnet can be found in the decorations on many antique weapons and shields throughout Europe. For the best results it is best if Garnet is worn against the skin.

As a tool for physical healing, Garnet has been used to strengthen the heart, balance out circulatory systems, and improve heart and lung function. Garnet has a positive effect on spinal and cellular disorders. Garnet can improve memory. Garnet elixir has been said to help with the adsorption of minerals and vitamins vital to the body's well-being. (As with all elixirs please consult a professional before using.) Garnet as a crystal of love and supports all aspects of healthy love and relationships.

Spiritually, Garnet is a crystal of energy and has been shown to be both energizing and re-energizing. Garnet is wonderful for clearing and realigning the chakras. It can aid it releasing negative and counter productive energies and ingrained behaviours that no longer serve a purpose. Garnet can strengthen intuition in regards to unforeseen dangers and has been a valued talisman for centuries. Garnet can improve perception of individual power and strengths to accomplish dreams and desires.

Garnet should be cleansed at least once a month by rinsing under very warm water and then be allowed to dry in full sunlight.




Thoughts for June and July

Summer is upon us. We begin to dream and plan our vacations, time away from daily grinds or to see and celebrate with family both far and near. Summer excites us like no other season. It quickens our thoughts to find new ways to be in the sun, be active and to be and feel alive. While we rejoice and enjoy our Spring, Summer is about living our passions.

June is the month for finishing up over due tasks. Exams and school are finished, leaving the time and desire to experience more of the whole wide world. We celebrate the release of these weights; the burden we bore from them is suddenly lifted from our shoulders and the joy that has been brewing since the early Spring bursts forth. Freed from these tasks our spirits spring forth, almost skipping with delight. A child-like view of the world takes hold and we desire to nurture and keep this new view alive.

July brings celebrations of freedom and fun. The heat is on and we relish the ability to experience all that is offered. The chill of past seasons fades into distant memories, as must the burdens that we have finished enduring. We seek to soar with the birds and float away on soft, white, wispy clouds. We desire to see more, do more, and be more. We ourselves are now more than we were and we make it part of our celebrations without even knowing why we celebrate so whole-heartedly. Our hearts and spirits soar and speed along into the full glory of Summer.

Allow yourself to celebrate and soar to new heights. May your early Summer be blessed.




"Today is a new beginning.

Today I will be truer to myself and release my false desires.

Today I will admit my faults and embrace them.

Today I will console my grief and let it rest.

Today I will embrace me, as I am.

Today I will offer a smile to all I meet and feel joy rise to meet me.

Today I will offer a hand to help and feel the generosity of spirit.

Today I will accept another's good will and be grateful.

Today I will accept that someone has turned away and wish them love and the best.

Today I will accept that some one new now faces me and I see potential.

Today is possibility and promise.

Today is new and today I accept all."



June 2017