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A New Awareness

2018 is here and we now must face our most cruel and base emotions and fears. We've made a commitment to be better than we were and the movement for change is upon us. Spirit is rising to meet the challenges. It will be important to take time to really understand our reactions to the events unfolding in our world.

Time For Another Self-Audit

As we journey on our spiritual and life paths from time to time we hear about self-auditing. The concept itself is simple enough. Paying attention to thoughts, words, actions, and interactions to see where we are, where we want or desire to be, and to be able to be at peace with the changes and growth we've experienced. Simple, right? Well, maybe not.

Self-audit is fraught with self-deception, quick adjustments that don't have staying power, sometimes an overwhelming sense of frustration, and when we get it right how wonderfully things flow and meld. Its very easy to begin to feel lost when we feel we have strayed to far from where we believed our journey to be. Our own growth can be a cause for concern and angst when we begin to feel separate from those we have journeyed with. One of the tactics we sometimes use to get through tough emotions and situations are catch-phrases and words.

Catch-phrase Mis-steps

Within self-auditing we can sometimes create problems for ourselves by holding onto and using comforting thoughts or expressions. These statements or words, we believe, are to give us just a little boost to get through, to get on with whatever, is required. Yet within these are energies and within our time of self-audit we really need to pay attention to the thoughts and catch-phrases we use.

Have you heard someone say "I'll loose weight if it kills me." I know I've said and I was corrected by a life-coach friend at the time. I understood the reasoning and I put some minor effort into changing my thought process and came to the decision that I could say it and not let the energy to take it to the extreme. Of course at that time I didn't loose weight and I didn't die so somewhere within the child inside figured it was okay to voice and say phrases until it found the one that offered comfort. That line for me was "I want to go home." Nothing serious, just a place of time honoured safety, love, and comfort. Years of growing chronic pain and respiratory issues amplified the desire. I never realized the power those words had.

One day, on the way to see a friend, my conviction that "I want to go home" was tested. Heavy traffic that all managed to disappear just before the events happened and a school bus late to pick up children at school all played a part. A school bus did a rolling stop from a highway exit and when every other car turned onto the highway he pulled out in front of me, barely a car length or so away. There was no time to look, no time for thought. It was simply "go home" or stay. By grace everything turned out well but the outcome could have been much different. Obviously I stayed but it brought to life the power and energy that our comforting catch phrases have.

Is everything "scary?" The world will only get more so until the fear overwhelms and we are home bound. Is there a fear of loosing someone or something so we "hold on for dear life?" To have that life taken or that joy removed. These and more are what we need to audit. Even the popular "it is what it is" has a cost attached. Is it used when we can't be bothered to catch up with friends and family or is used to describe an unchanging situation? While it has merit, one will take you further away from the feelings of love and support and brings a sense of abandonment and the other will bring a sense of hopelessness and ongoing despair.

So why do we use catch-phrases anyways. It can be a more concise way of expressing an emotion, or at least in part. Many times our catch-phrases are taken up by our inner child and that is why we find comfort in expressing these phrases. Our inner child understands the words and the meaning but not the emotions conveyed or hidden within. When do our self-audits its very important to spend the time to reason out why the catch-phrase held and then more importantly how to alter, change, and connect with a more meaningful and truer expression of desire and dreams. This all goes to reassure the inner child that the dreams and desires are supported beyond words.

Our words, our every day words, have the power to hurt or heal. They have the power to embrace or discard love, compassion and so on. We take our words and more importantly their meaning and energies for granted. This isn't to say these phrases and others shouldn't be used but more a sense of how we can better use these to convey our true emotions and desires. This is beyond language. This is emotion of the spirit and soul and it needs us to be more than we are: better, braver, gentler, softer, and oh so much more human.

I bid you peace as you partake in a time of gentle self-audit. Blessings.




Moonstone is an ancient and powerful gemstone for women. A stone for fertility, Moonstone was often gifted to newly wed couples as a blessing for a plentiful and fertile life and has been known since as a stone of new beginnings. Some Middle Eastern traditions still maintain the practice of sewing Moonstone into women's clothing. Moonstone is usually pale in colour varying from a pale eggshell to light blue, or to a light green. Most of our Moonstone comes from Sri Lanka, India, Australia, and Madagascar with some varieties coming from the United States.

As a tool for physical healing, Moonstone supports all stages of a woman's cycle but may need to be avoided during the full moon energies. Moonstone assists the body with balancing the digestive and reproductive systems. Moonstone also helps to detoxify and release toxins that have been stored in the body. Moonstone has also been shown tosupport healthy skin, nails and hair.

Spiritually, Moonstone is a stone of calm perserverance and acceptance. Moonstone is the stone of intuitive nuturing and all types of psychic growth. Moonsstone allows the wearer to see beyond the syncronisity of circumstance to see patterns and to sort out what is wishful thinking and what is laid out ahead.

As Moonstone's connection to the feminine is it's primary energy source it requires a little different care then most crystals. To discharge any energy buildup in Moonstone at least once a month allow it to rest with polished hematite crystals and to recharge allow it to sit in the light of the full moon.





Thoughts for June & July

Summer is here and the excitement is hard to contain. It seems no matter what else is happening there is a joy, an excitement, and a peace that is present in our lives. The sun has the ability to bring us such peace and joy and expectations of good times with family and friends. While the world seems to embrace its turmoil our spirits long for simpler times. The joys of cookouts, family outings, beach trips and more excite the mind and spirit with possibilities. We seek connection after the long cold winter. Yet our connections for the most part are brief and casual. Our spirits call for us to connect more, connect deeper and connect more truthfully to our dreams, desires, goals and more importantly to those we hold dear.

More than ever our spirit needs us to come together, to learn, to enjoy, to grow. Forgiveness of misunderstandings are easier in the summer when things are brighter, more vibrant, and more alive. Peace can come from simple gestures and the rekindled love and connections make our lives even brighter. We can share more, be more, laugh more, and love more. Compassion and a growing passion for life bind us to our fellow beings. Life really is amazing!



"Embracing Life"

"The sun rises on a brand new day.

Early morning birds sing songs of joy, love, and life.

Today I will embrace all that is before me.

Yesterday's fog is finally gone.

Gifted away by light and love.

An expression of connectedness given and trust rewarded.

The way is clearer than ever and now I can see the beauty of it all.

Today and everyday,

I will embrace my life."



June 2018