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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves at a crux of change. Whether the change is good or not, whether we agree or disagree, we must commit to being the best we can be. Not only for ourselves and our families and friends but for our communities, our cities and our world. Yet our spirits are embracing newness and a reason to trust in the building of our awareness. We can grow and become the best that our spirits need us to be. We must learn to shine.

Changing Patterns

There are things in our lives that are easy to do and to work through, but when we look at changing the patterns in our lives things get much harder and more difficult to navigate. Changing patterns and habits is one of the most difficult things we may have to work through. It doesn't matter what the source of the pattern is whether abuse (physical, mental or substance), manipulation, upbringing ,or some other reoccurring pattern or programming. These patterns shape us, yet people routinely work to break the repeating patterns that can cripple and or destroy families. Some times we're successful and other times leave us adrift and hurt. There are a number of stages that must be conquered when we decide a situation, a pattern or a lifestyle must change.

The first step in making any change is recognizing that something isn't working. Our response may be anger, frustration, or another emotion but it will be enough to trigger the spirit to recognize what is and most likely has been happening for some time. We find that our spirits begin to balk at this type of behaviour and we rebel internally to the pattern and the responses that have been a large part of our lives up to that point. Once recognized our spirit will only allow us to take so much more before we must defend ourselves and decide to end these crippling patterns. This part of the process is all internal and we fluctuate back and forth between letting it pass or standing up before we are ready to make our stand. Of course an early response will sometimes make us seem weak to those who have been using these patterns to their advantage and they may change tactics to mislead or get us to soften our responses.

When we change our response to these well-established patterns we can cause a lot of upset within the dynamic of the group that usually witnesses it. There can be judgments about timing, hurt and maybe being too sensitive, and of course those who enact these patterns will deny and cajole to get people to either agree or stay silent. Silence unfortunately becomes a sign for many to continue such behaviour. Yet it is up to us, the one that has been attacked, harmed, or used by these patterns and actions to set things right for our own mental, physical and spiritual health. There is a time when we can no longer allow it and the ramifications of letting it fester can destroy families, friendships, and trust for generations. There is also no set time for a response from the person who has borne the brunt. The time is only right when we are ready whether its in a day, week, month, year or longer.

With all this work underway we can also tend to forget that we now need to start to edit and adapt our own responses and actions outward to other people. The person we portray, to the world at large, carries the scars and programming of repeated patterns. Our renewed sense of self, strength, and self-honesty can lead us to be callus and inattentive to others that have suffered with their own patterns and programming. We can become as heartless and as judgmental as our own circle when someone begins to talk about the critical points in their life. We may shut down and with arms crossed tell them that doesn't happen that way or they're just mistaken. Yet we haven't taken into account that their path is unique to them no matter the similarities.

Changing patterns is never an easy task. It can complicate our lives enormously and cause rifts and other arguments. We may find that family and friends ignore these kinds of actions, which can put us at odds with our normal support groups. This can bring on a sense of abandonment, which can be hard to dispel. Yet to allow patterns to continue that harm us cannot be tolerated either. Our spirits demand that we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and at some point we must decide what is and what isn't necessary for our mental, physical and spiritual health.

I bid you peace as you discover the power, and strength to change your life into the peaceful vision you desire. Blessings.




Soapstone has a long and lasting history of human use and it is well known all over the world. Soapstone's soft nature has made it useful for many applications from art to dishes to healing ointments to today's cosmetics. Soapstone comes to us from all around the world. Soapstone can be white or grey, pinkish-red, yellow or green.

As a tool for physical healing, Soapstone has been used ground into a paste for many skin irritations and rashes. Ground soapstone can also be used to absorb excess sweat from the body. Soapstone can be used to balance the body's glandular system and is particularly good for the throat chakra.

Spiritually, Soapstone is a great for connection and understanding. Soapstone's soft energies can promote a softening of opinion and thoughts. Soapstone is an excellent stone for emotional people to wear because it is a soft stone it allows the wearer to perceive ways in which the world and they can exist without loosing themselves in the turmoil that can surround them. Also it is a good stone for people, especially children, to help them succeed in school and work because it can impart a feeling of ambition and a will to strive to do better. Soapstone is especially a good stone as it will allow children to develop their own personality.

Soapstone should be recharged whenever it seems dull. To recharge soapstone it is best to bury the stone in soil for a day or two.





Thoughts for June & July

Summer is upon us. We begin to dream and plan our vacations, time away from daily grinds or to see and celebrate with family both far and near. Summer excites us like no other season. It quickens our thoughts to find new ways to be in the sun, be active and to be and feel alive. While we rejoice and enjoy our Spring, Summer is about living our passions.

June is the month for finishing up over due tasks. Exams and school are finished, leaving the time and desire to experience more of the whole wide world. We celebrate the release of these weights, the burden we bore from them is suddenly lifted from our shoulders and the joy that has been brewing since the early Spring bursts forth. Freed from these tasks our spirits spring forth, almost skipping with delight. A child-like view of the world takes hold and we desire to nurture and keep this new view alive.

July brings celebrations of freedom and fun. The heat is on and we relish the ability to experience all that is offered. The chill of past seasons fades into distant memories as must the burdens that we have finished enduring. We seek to soar with the birds and float away on soft, white, wispy clouds. We desire to see more, do more, and be more. We ourselves are now more than we were and we make it part of our celebrations without even knowing why we celebrate so whole-heartedly. Our hearts and spirits soar and speed along into the full glory of Summer.

Allow yourself to celebrate and soar to new heights. May your early Summer be blessed.




"Here I stand at a precipice.

Between being finished and starting over once again.

I see some things carrying onward bringing promise and potential.

Yet this was supposed to be precipice -

A place of endings and of new beginnings and new ways of seeing everything.

Yet much continues on from the past and it carries me forward and upward.

It gives me the grace and strength to help other and myself.

Perhaps the jumping point isn't so high or so far away.

Perhaps all I need do is step.

Here I stand at a precipice."



June 2019