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A New Awareness

Our emotions are running at an all time high and we seem more and more unable to control them. Our temperament doesn't match where and what we thought our lives would be. The normal supports that have worked for us no longer hold much potential. Yet still potential and promise abound if we pay attention.

Changing Perspective

Most of our spiritual talks deal with how we see and react to various people, events, and situations. At times it can seem like we are bombarded with events and news. Taking the time to be still and quiet we can look at the news and events and actually begin to see its impact for loved ones and ourselves. Current events are calling on us to be more aware and more open to other points of view.

Through this time we've seen people cope with fears, sadness, and losses in all kinds of situations. Events have lead to a time of revelation. We have seen the truth about the fragile facade that we can construct about people, places, things, and events. The influx of so much information at a time when actions and distancing have been discouraged make this time very difficult. Frustration and exhaustion work against our spiritual health and without our usual supports we can be left feeling unsettled about our lives.

When we get busy it becomes very easy to fall back into habits and thoughts that have sustained us. There is a mental safety in what we know or think we know. Now we have a unique opportunity to slow down, re-examine, reconnect, and actually look at the topics and events that are happening. It can seem like a daunting task especially when it seems to impact everything. We have the time to explore some of these events and topics and to see where our perspective lies to some of the new truths being seen.

We begin to show our strength and begin to grow our inner grace by opening our minds, hearts, and spirits to accepting the possibility of new information and a new understanding of what lead us to this point in time. We are seeing many things in new ways and the impact for some will be larger than expected. Changing perspectives isn't about being right or wrong. It's about growing, learning, and becoming more humane, more understanding, and more compassionate. Ultimately it will play an important role in how we deal with whatever comes next.

I bid you peace as you explore the changing perspectives and where they lead. Blessings.



Dalmatian Stone

Dalmatian stone is a crystal with a unique appearance and is said to have gotten its name due to it resembling a dalmatian dog. Dalmatian stone comes to us from mainly from Mexico. Dalmatian Stone tends to be a white, grey, or a very light beige but will have dark brown or black spots, occasionally the stones may be dyed blue, red, and green. Dalmatian stone is sometimes classified with jasper however Dalmatian stones are softer and tend to contain other crystals such as epidote among others.

As a tool for physical healing, Dalmatian stone is said to aid in strengthening and protect the muscles from strains and sprains. Dalmatian stone is believed to aid and support the immune system. It can aid in learning new knowledge and skills.

Spiritually, Dalmatian stone is a positive force for growth, calm, and harmony. Its energy is useful in removing negative energies and anxieties. To navigate times of doubt Dalmatian stone can aid in seeing plans and desires through to completion. Dalmatian stone is sometimes referred to as a transformation stone and it can aid in accepting change, or in making the changes that are needed.

To cleanse Dalmatian stone can be rinsed under warm running water and allowed to rest among hematite stones.


dalmation stone - beige with black spots

Dalmatian Stone


Thoughts for June & July

This will be a summer that very few of us have experienced before and many are fearing what may come. Yet it will be an important time for us to reexamine our lives and our priorities. We can control only our responses, our actions and our impact. We need to respect people's coping choices as long as we don't cause harm.

There is a sense of many things coming to an end and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can cause a great deal of turmoil. It is important to remember that with each ending comes a beginning. It is acceptable to grieve what might have been, could have been and so on. It can however become detrimental to our well-being if we do not let the grieving come to a natural end. It is possible and far too easy to get caught and trapped within the energies of self-pity and remorse. Allow these changes to happen and find within a growing sense of peace and love.

Yet the months of summer are here, full of joy and energy and potential. Take time to play, to breathe, and to be. When all is said and done, this is a marvelous coming of age for all of us. July finds us coming to terms with the changes occurring all around us.




"Open Heart"

" The world has trembled and changed,

It is easy to go within and to ignore what my senses reveal,

Yet this isn't me, this isn't the power that connects me to the world.

There is more that would draw me back to my truth,

Love, charity, faith, all call for me to be true to the deepest part of me.

So I will stand, I will open my heart to its widest,

and I will bring it willingly to the world."



June 2020