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Our Sense of Self

We all have a sense of who we are or who we wish to be. We define ourselves within the frame work of our dreams and potential. We look to family to help support that growth and we select friends we believe will support us and allow us to grow. Yet our sense of self changes all the time; new jobs, new residences, new friends along the path and more. As we grow and learn we may find that some of the things we held on to were not beneficial. Letting go of these and trying to fill the void can have us doubting whom we are, how we see things, and it can leave us feeling lost and adrift. This is usually when the process of taking a deeper look at our connections and ourselves begins.

Having to examine our sense of who we are and where we need to be can be a daunting task at the best of times. Reviewing our sense of self can be an uncertain time and if we are not as honest with ourselves as we need to be, we can cause ourselves some serious disturbances we hadn't planned on and more delays as we retrace steps to find what we missed. All the while we still have a life to live and obligations that call to us. It becomes easy to lose our view and sense of whom we are with life demanding to be lived.

In these times it can become easy to use incidents we encounter as defining points for who we are. We claim these almost like badges of honour and its easy to use these to re-enforce the sense of who we believe ourselves to be. So we claim the badges of our illnesses, our suffering, our injustices, our torments, our grief, our mistakes, and more. While all of these are important to our journey and may have lasting impacts, they are stepping stones to help us grow and move beyond the limits we and others have placed on us. It is only when we chose to move beyond what people expect us to believe of ourselves, that we can grow into our true self.

No matter where we are along this journey of reclaiming our sense of self each new change will inevitably upset someone, usually someone who needs us to stay where we are to aid in defining them. As we begin to regain our sense of who we are and make necessary changes we can find that the upset gets worse and even relationships can begin to deteriorate. The shock of losing a support when we are trying to sort out our self can feel like abandonment and the support themselves may lash out in a fear-based rage because their definition of who they are needs to change. As difficult as this may seem at times it can be a blessing.

Eventually as we adapt and truly embrace who we are and where we desire to be it becomes easier to move into and along our path. It isn't that the path or journey becomes easy but it ceases to be always in turmoil and allows us to breathe and find some peace. Defining who we are is a long journey but it happens along the way sometimes without much thought and sometimes with determination and a desire to be true to whom we are.

I bid you peace as you explore and grow your sense of who you truly are. Blessings.




Menalite is a gentle stone of feminine energy and connection. Menalite is a calcium rich crystal and can vary between shades of white, off-white, beige or pale brown. Menalite comes to us from France, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, the USA, Canada and some portions of Africa. There is a grey specimen of Menalite that comes from Canada and is referred to as Fairy Stone that bears a joyful, playful energy.

As a tool for physical healing, Menalite awakens our sense of connection and grounding. It allows us to feel these energies freely and more abundantly and awakens us to our place in the world. It opens our channels for our senses to find what it is we need to further our growth and nurturing along our path. Menalite also has a positive effect on hormonal changes throughout the stages of our lives.

Spiritually, Menalite is a crystal of connection, growth and understanding. Menalite has a strong effect on our Sacral Chakra that allows us to examine our emotions and our fears. Menalite is said to have a strong influence on our perception of death, dying, and the permanence of the soul. Menalite is a good stone to use while exploring your soul connections to individuals and events. Menalite can also aid understanding the soul's healing ability and the varied paths that can be journeyed through this life. Menalite is used in past life regressions and in healing past-life traumas.

Menalite will benefit froms a little time spent in the sun and in touch with the earth


beige and white menaliteMenalite



Thoughts for June & July

Summer comes at us in a rush of warmth and dreams of adventures. How we have waited for its arrival and the sense of freedom it brings with it. The sun and warmth invite us out into the world to play and make it our own! Life is becoming abundant and we begin to see the changes in our lives spiritually. We've all struggled to find bright points in the last few months and we look to the summer for a boost. It calls to our hearts and minds. It brings memories of fun times with family and friends. Even the road calls us to explore and be a part of the natural world.

Summer is still a time of fun and enjoyment even if different from other years. Our spirits will want to climb and soar in the gentle breezes that whisper of dreams and desires ahead. We can still seek the simple everyday joys that life brings, while we prepare our minds and souls for an abundant harvest.




"I look in the mirror and see my reflection.

I see the child, the teen, the adult, and the senior reflected back.

I see the years that have passed.

I see the joys and tears held quietly to my heart.

I see both weakness and strength.

The road is long and there are still miles to go,

but I am ready to embark on whatever my path brings to me."



June 2021