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There are a few spreads that can be with Tarot cards for divination. One of the most popular is the Celtic Cross.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is created from a selection of 10 cards. The person asking the question will draw 10 cards. The first card is placed in the centre of the spread. Card 2 is placed across card 1. Card 3 is placed above the other 2 while the four card drawn is placed at the bottom. The 5th and 6th cards are placed to the right and left of the other four respectively. Cards 7 to 10 are placed to form a row on the right hand side, with card 7 being the bottom and card 10 being the outcome.

Celtic Cross

Card #1 -Represents the question of the person.

Card #2 - Represents the "Conflict" or obstacle. This is not always a bad thing.

Card #3 - Represents the situation that is overhanging the person at this time.

Card #4 - Represents the "base" or drive of the question

Card #5 - Represents the past, something that needs to be let go of. Being able to release this will make growth easier.

Card #6 - Represents what is coming into your life in the near future

Card #7 - Represents the questioner. This is who you are.

Card #8 - Represents how others see the questioner and the situation.

Card #9 - Represent the hopes, dreams and fears of the questioner in the situation.

Card #10 -Represents the outcome. It could take up to 6 months to achieve.

Smudges & Smudging
To Smudge a Scared Space

To smudge a scared space start in facing South. Invite the Elemental Guardians (Fire)/ Lords & Ladies or whichever entity(s) feel right to you, to come to the circle to cleanse, guard and keep it scared.

Then turn to face the West. Invite the Guardians (Water) or spirits for that direction to come to the circle and cleanse, guard and keep it sacred.

Then turn to face the North. Invite the Guardians (Earth)or spirits for that direction to come to the circle and cleanse, guard and keep it sacred.

Then turn to face the East. Invite the Guardians (Air)or spirits for that direction to come to the circle and cleanse, guard and keep it sacred.

Walk the circle twice more. Enter into the centre of the sacred space and feel the energies cleanse and heal the space. When the space feels whole to you, thank the Guardians/spirits and release them by walking the circle in reverse 3 times.

Creating an area that you can keep as your own sacred space will allow the energies to remain constant and you will find that you will have to smudge the area less often as the negative energy will have a harder time entering.



Epidote dispels overly critical attitudes. It enhances perception and stimulates participation and interaction.



Jade has long been sought after for it's spiritual nature. In the Orient Jade was an important symbol of purity and serenity. Jade is available in many colours, a sample of green jade is shown below. Jade has the ability to "mellow one's existence". It is an excellent stone for releasing negative thoughts and energy. It can soothe the thought process making tasks easier and uncomplicating the process. Jade is a great stone for helping the body to filter toxins out of the body and for strengthening the cleansing organs. Jade is a stone that gives it's energy to whom ever it comes in contact with, therefore the energies also help the wearer be able to give of themselves especially in love.

For centuries Jade has been believed to protect the wearer from harm. Therefore many cultures have adapted Jade into amulets, and jewelry.

Green Jade, shown here, is the most common colour. It has the additional abilities of being very calming to the nervous system. It also helps to channel passions and emotions into a kinder expression of love.


Meditation Thought for the Month

"My silence, like an expanding sphere, spreads everywhere.

My silence spreads like a radio song, above, beneath, left and right, within and without.

My silence spreads like a wildfire of bliss; the dark thickets of sorrow and the tall oaks of pride are all burning up.

My silence, like the ether, passes through everything, carrying the songs of earth, atoms and stars into the halls of His infinite mansion."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"