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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Ego and Psyche (Spirit)

Everyone seems to be talking about Ego and how it does such a wonderful job of getting in the way of our spiritual advances. So it seems like the right time to give a fuller perspective of Ego and it partner Psyche/Spirit. If you remember, Sigmund Freud was the psychologist who made the notion popular that the Ego rules the body and keeps the Id and SuperEgo in check by being "conscious." The consciousness that Sigmund Freud talks about is not a spiritual consciousness; it is a conscious awareness of society, our wants, and the possible rewards and punishments associated with them.

When we talk about a spiritual Ego, we slightly alter that precept to that of our inner child and that's when we begin to run into challenges. This child wants but this child also fears. This fear can become a spiritual paralysis because when we begin our spiritual journey on the path of enlightenment we start to challenge ingrained programming from our parents, churches, and other authority figures. All of these things our Ego associates with rebelling against authority and with that rebelling, our Ego believes punishment follows; being ostracized or abandoned. Or that some other form of retaliation awaits our perceived disobedience.

Our Psyche/Spirit on the other side is the loving force that tries to direct our enlightenment and spiritual growth. It's purpose is to bring us to a state of enlightened "consciousness"; the awareness of our purpose, our path and the higher course of actions available to us. It knows where we have to go and tries ever so gently to nudge, and tantalize the Ego into letting us move forward. Our connection to the Divine and our guides compel us move toward our destined enlightened state. Fighting the sense of fear raised by our Ego can be daunting, for just as we seem ready to move forward our Ego finds another loop-hole in which to plant seeds of doubt. However the Psyche/Spirit is very patience and understands that all is possible and it doesn't give up. It may become quiet at times but it is always there. It's silence is overwhelmingly calming in the brief instant before the panicked Ego ramps up it's tirade and in that silence is an answer of truth. It is the vocal and the quiet reassurance that we know where we are going and that we will get there and that everything will be as is should be .... maybe not in the way the Ego envisions for us but we will get there.

Our spiritual Ego also causes us to go astray by interfering in our relationships with other spiritual travelers that we meet; resulting in something akin to "spiritual snobiness." It causes us to forget that all travelers have a path to follow. Whether or not their path is similar to ours, whether or not their end result is what we want, each path followed is unique and perfect to each person. If the spiritual Ego gets in the way, we can find ourselves and others using terms like "How dare they think that they can have.....", "I've been at this for years ....", "You're only a newcomer..." It also causes us to use terms like "We're ascending" and "We're on an ascension path." All of these terms and definitions of our spiritual paths are Ego created and serve to separate us from everyone else. While it is true each path is different, it is also true that each path is perfect for whatever an individual is going through in their life and in their evolution; both spiritually and physically. We have to remember that many people will walk similar paths and more importantly that there is enough room and enough variation for all us to travel together. Even ending up at the same location should be a cause for celebration; for there is enough for all in all things.

Learning to hear the Psyche/Spirit over the loud Ego is a very difficult task. Even at the best of times the Ego can sometimes find an almost logical reason to stop your progress. Stopping to audit where you're going and how it is your getting there isn't necessarily a bad thing we just have to keep the Ego objections to moving forward in perspective. Ultimately we will move forward; it is the way of life.

My hope for you is that you learn to know which voice is your Ego and which is your Spirit and that by working together you can enjoy and share in your enlightenment and in the enlightenment of friends, family and the world. Beauty is to be had in having the Ego grow into it's spiritual partnership with the Psyche/Spirit; inner peace and a deep connection to the Divine are just two of the wondrous gifts available to those who manage to bring true balance into their lives.

I bid you interesting soul journeys and wonderful meetings for your Ego and Spirit/Psyche. Blessings.



Rainforest Rhyolite

Rainforest Rhyolite is a relatively newcomer to the gem world. It was discovered in 1986 and it has fast become a popular gem due to it's many colours. Rainforest Rhyolite has had many names so if you have trouble finding it you can also look under these names; Marine Agate, Orbicular Rhyolite or Rainforest Jasper.

Rhyolite has many benefits for the body. It can help to strengthen the body's natural resistance to dis-ease. Rhyolite has also be used in the treatment of rashes, infections and disorders involving the veins. Rhyolite can also aid the body in assimilating vitamins for use by the body; B vitamins in particular respond well to Rhyolite. Used in gem elixirs, Rhyolite is said to help the kidneys expel stones and other harmful wastes while also serving as a tonic for muscle tone and strength.

On the psychic or spiritual level Rainforest Rhyolite is said to be a wonderful stone for meditation as it helps to bring about a greater sense of calm. Rhyolite allows the user to have sense of being in control so that procrastination can become a thing of the past. Rhyolite also aids in clarifying the way to achieve ones goals and desires and reminds the user of the importance of following their dreams. It can also help to connect you with those loved ones that have crossed over.

Rainforest Rhyolite has also been described as a gem of protection; wearing one while traveling will give you a sense of being safe. Planting the gem at each corner of your property is said to give protection to the home and lands from negative energy. For the spirit itself Rhyolite is said to improve ones self-esteem and helps to establish a feeling of self-worth and pride.

To cleanse Rainforest Rhyolite simply allow it sit under warm running water and place in full sun to recharge.


Rhyolite Rhyolite2

Rainforest Rhyolite



The celebration of Samhain, Halloween and All Saints Day are ancient celebrations. The harvest has been gathered in and the richness of life is celebrated and shared with family and friends. At this time we also begin to contemplate the year and growing season that has just passed. We look at the lessons learned and release from our hearts and minds any pain associated with the tasks and trials that did not help us on our journey. We can still be thankful for the experiences and for the lessons, for with them we have grown; spiritually, emotionally and perhaps even physically. Allow yourself to release the events of the past year with a glad and joyful heart so that you may heal and begin anew.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

We are ever thankful for the bounty of our lives,

For friends, for family, for love won and for love lost,

We have grown in understanding of our spiritual needs and rejoice in the newness of our understanding,

Help us to remember the lessons and to release the pain.

We know you journey with us and for that we are ever thankful.

Oh magnificent Light shine in our hearts forever."

Blessed be.



"God's Flaming Presence"

"I will do away with the mockery of parroting prayer. I will pray deeply until the darkness of meditation burns with Thy flaming presence.

Heavenly Father, I cannot wait until tomorrow for Thy song. Today I will broadcast my soul-call into the ether with such loving concentration that Thou must respond through the receiver of my silence.

O Spirit! ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss! Take away from my mind the weight of indifference and forgetfulness. May I drink the nectar of Thine ever blessed presence.

With the deepening of inner and outer silence, thy peace come to me. I will try always to hear the echo of Thy footsteps.

Having Thee as the deepest joy of deepest meditation, I know that all things - prosperity, health, and wisdom - will be added unto me."


From Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda