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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now begin to evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Commitment and Obligation

How we interpret commitment and obligation can either bring us joy, fulfillment and inner peace or it can cripple us with guilt, fear, loathing and resentment. On the surface, society considers both words to be fairly equal in meaning. To a degree and to a certain perspective they are, however they can also be vastly different. This difference can make a life and spiritual path easy and filled with grace or it can break it into shambles if we are not fully prepared for the tasks we are undertaking.

Commitment … is a pledge or a promise to do something, or to agree to be bound by an action usually at a later time. There is a willingness to agree to and to comply with this promise. It is a choice and we make these choices knowing full well what we are binding ourselves to. Commitments can also include a give and take arrangement where both parties find a way to benefit.

Commitments fill our lives, from the employment contracts we sign, to our promise to help a family member, to the marriage vows we take. We approach these willingly and believe we know what we've agreed to. We know there can be difficult times as part of this commitment but we can foresee more joy than not. When we find the joy or "good aspect" of these arrangements we don't mind fulfilling our part of the bargain. It brings us a measure of peace and satisfaction that we've done a good job and met our side of the commitment. As time goes on we generally look forward to being able to fulfill this promise to keep the balance of give and take or even just to see the task finished.

At other times our egos, friends and family can begin to sway our thought process and skew the perception of this balance. The family member or friend that feels slighted that the people they assume are free, or should be, suddenly aren't available at their request because of a commitment. The spouse who feels wronged because their partner's work schedule takes them away at inconvenient times. We also run into problems when it becomes a lop sided, less than equal sharing of the action. If it happens to run longer than we desire we begin to think maybe we've been cheated. When commitment clashes with commitment we can have hurt feelings that unchecked easily escalate into resentment and even loathing. Above all when this tension hits commitments become obligations in the ugliest sense of the word.

Obligation …is for the most part, the act of doing or completing the action that was committed to earlier. It has a tendency to feel forced and we perceive that our free-will and our options have been stripped away.

When it deals with family issues we tend use obligation as the driving force for our actions. Obligations then become a one-way action and therefore we build in dissension and resentment before we've even had time to examine what we've chosen to do or why. Suddenly we have feel we have no way out, no support... trapped. We start using phrases such as "I'm being used," "I'm being forced," "There's nothing else for me to do," "I have no choice." Ultimately setting the stage for hurt feelings and ongoing resentment for those we assume played a part in this. This resentment can grow to astronomical proportion if we do nothing to reign it in. Families connections end, feuding begins. Self-righteousness and ego take over at the cost of any binding emotions we have toward each other. We determine that if we are to suffer so must others even if it only visually for our own sakes.

In these instances, how we perceive our commitment or obligation sets the stage for the emotional backlash that either we'll receive or we'll dish out. It may be difficult but if we stop and remember the reason or reasons why we agreed to this commitment we can usually find a measure of peace and at least an acceptance that eases the angst we may feel about being our situation. It can help us find that elusive "inner peace" to complete the task at hand.

Then we bring on our spiritual commitments and obligations. When things are going good we can be very committed to living a spiritual life. Taking the "higher path" through our daily choices seems easier and we are more willing to comply with those expectations of ourselves. When our spiritual lessons show up and we aren't ready for them or if the part we play has to be extended we can easily fall into the old emotional patterns. While these may be a test of our commitment, we also have the ability, as spiritual beings, to stop the blaming, and to search and find understanding within the situation. This allows us to complete the tasks at hand with a measure of calm sureness and if not joy at the very least with some measure of peace and fulfillment.

I bid you peace on your journey as you fulfill your commitments and obligations with peace. Blessings.




Scolecite is a relatively rare crystal as it is formed in areas of tectonic and volcanic action. It has been found in notable quantities in areas such as India, California (USA), Iceland, Scotland and Brazil. Most Scolecite is either white or clear and ranges from translucent to transparent in colour and appearance. The actual structure of the Scolecite is a collection of fine needle like crystals. These crystals can be in dense groups or in delicate fan shapes.

Scolecite is called the stone of "Inner Peace." It reacts strongly on the Third Eye Chakra and on the Crown Chakra. It is a wonderful stone to meditate with as it allows a deeper state of relaxation to take place. Scolecite also helps the incoming messages to be clearer and more easily understood and brings the past, present and future to mind to present a fuller version of the life lessons. Allow for a greater realization of self which allows the user to find their path. As a stone of self realization it allows the mind to open to potential that has been overlooked or forgotten. Scolecite can also act as a guide for those who enjoy or wish to astral travel and it facilitates connection with other beings.

On the physical body, Scolecite is a stone of the heart. An exchange of Scolecite between partners allows for greater and deeper love to take hold. Scolecite can also help to unblock energies trapped within the body and create new pathways for the energy to travel. Using Scolecite for energy work also a more concentrated and vibrant energy.Used in group energy work, such as a reiki share can help the group to grow together stronger and combine energies for more effective healing. For other types of groups, whether physical bodies, parts of one body or a combination Scolecite will still bring the energy together into a more harmonious state.

Scolecite is a fairly delicate stone and should not be cleansed in water. To cleanse and recharge your Scolecite it should be place in with clear quartz crystals overnight or allowed to remain in full sunlight for a day.






The celebration of Samhain, Halloween and All Saints Day are ancient celebrations. The harvest has been gathered in and the richness of life is celebrated and shared with family and friends. At this time we also begin to contemplate the year and growing season that has just passed. We look at the lessons learned and release from our hearts and minds any pain associated with the tasks and trials that did not help us on our journey. We can still be thankful for the experiences and for the lessons, for with them we have grown; spiritually, emotionally and perhaps even physically. Allow yourself to release the events of the past year with a glad and joyful heart so that you may heal and begin anew.

"Universal Light, Christ Consciousness, be with us now,

Help us to be ever thankful for the bounty in our lives,

Help us to know and understand that this bounty is not not just a physical state,

but one that includes our emotional and spiritual live as well.

We are grateful for friends, for family, for our triumphs and our loses,

We have grown and we are the better for it.

Help us to remember the lessons and to release the pain.

We know you journey with us and for that we are ever thankful.

Oh magnificent Light shine in our hearts forever.

Blessed be."



"Teach Me to Celebrate "

"My spirit longs to celebrate, even some small joy, but alas all around me is news of horror and woe.
Strife seems to be the way of this world. 

My spirit voice tries to break the spell; Has it always been this way?

The world I see says yes but deep within is a new response,
It bubbles up forcefully from within to surface and with it a new answer.
A resounding “No.”

Where has this answer come from, this voice that that shakes my body and mind?

 Deep within me my spirit, my own little connection to the Spirit of All That Is rises up, unbound by true love, unfettered by controlling ego.
It rushes up through my body and mind like a whirlwind, sweeping away misinformation, cleansing the mind of constraining thought.

My eyes open to the newness that is all around me, the joy that permeates all living things, the bliss that my soul has so long sought is right here ... beside me and before me, around me and within me.  It is mine to accept and joyfully I will embrace it."


October 2009