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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Manifesting ... It's About More than Money

With the advent of both the movie and book called "The Secret" more and more people are focusing on manifesting bounty into their lives and more and more people are offering advice on how to accomplish this. The drive and the desire to have all that we want seems to have become very mainstream. When manifesting abundance, there are some critical points that we must hold near and dear for these manifestation techniques to work. Unfortunately what we fail to recognize is that manifesting is about much more than money and "having." We also tend to miss the small changes and effects which in turn cause doubt, cynicism and skepticism to creep in, which keep us wondering if any of this really works.

Financial Abundance

The desire to live a life of leisure, to travel, to have the home we dream of, to have the good things that go along with that image of the "good life," seems to be what most people think about when talking about manifesting abundance. Yet the ability to make this happen still seems to elude most people. Sure they carry on with the positive thinking, they see themselves as being successful, they repeat mantra's to bring in wealth, they've written cheques from the Universe in vast amounts, they carry around pictures of hundreds, thousands and million dollar bills all in an effort to keep focused on manifesting and obtaining abundance.

Yet they fail to realize that working and hard work will always be a part of manifesting and maintaining that abundance. It is by quiet, continuous effort that strides are made. There is also a provision that whatever service is rendered, it must be for the good of all and it must be of greater value than is charged. Does that mean someone should charge exorbitant rates because someone else wants to know the secret of how to obtain these material items? No, it doesn't. There is a balance that must be struck between what the provider and the receiver deem as acceptable. The problems begin to arise when the cost of the service is beyond its true value and the true value shouldn't based the potential return. To have people pay exorbitant costs, especially if it was at the expense of their fiscal and family responsibility is when the imbalance causes crashing failures, usually for both parties. If the service is not rendered in a manner that benefits the majority or everyone, you will find that those income streams will dry up and those that had will no longer have. At that point the struggle to regain that abundance can be exponentially harder than the first time around. Abuse and greed shorten the life span of most manifested abundance or at least until the Universe finds balance again in relation to those involved.

Still, it is possible to strike a balance and it comes from a mind set of being of service to others. Whether through charity work, or the service or products you offer to another. This is where balance can be found and be maintained. Whether you are self-employed or an employee of a huge conglomerate, what work you do must still be of greater value than the dollar value assigned to it. This applies to even the "minimum standards" imposed by governments and other regulatory commissions. Does this mean that suppliers of services are always on the deficit? No, it means that the balance will shift and continue shifting through any business/commercial relationships but balance and an almost imperceptible "leveling" must be foremost in the minds of all involved. It cannot be all take and no give. Everyone must be able to benefit for the balance of manifesting to continue.


Manifesting health is another area where we've missed the concept of how to bring wellness into being. Similar to what was written in my newsletter about the Healing Principle (June 2009), the concept of health as being the state that every body and every spirit is trying to attain and maintain. It also contains the need for understanding not only a rudimentary understanding of how our bodies work but also what we do with our emotions and how those emotions affect our levels of pain and discomfort with whatever constructs of illness exist in our bodies. It is in being aware of our bodies at all times and how we respond to emotional upheavals that allows us to change our preset physical confines and this is when healing and natural health begins to return. Healing itself can be quick or long depending on the individual, the emotions surrounding this and what part of their life journey they are on.

Unfortunately, if the health is related to lessons in the life path, these are much harder to release because lessons must be learned, others involve must also learn from their involvement and those who's lives are intertwined by family or friendship must also come to understand and accept those life lessons. Still manifesting health is possible.

Life's Basics

Manifesting can also be applied to other life's basics. We've been told eat organic whenever possible, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and so on. We also know that at times it isn't always possible. These basics fluctuate in price and quality as quickly as time ticks by. However, what we can do is a very simple exercise in gratitude. Simply give thanks to whatever it is you have. We used to call it saying grace before a meal but with the changing dynamics of our societies, we don't always get around to it. Even those who don't believe in the Divine can still offer a simple thought of gratitude. Think of the farmers who toil, the canning and processing factories who prepare the food and even the local grocer who stocks these foods for us. What this act of gratitude offers the food we consume is a simple change in energy. It is no longer over processed, or unreal, instead it becomes what our bodies need and in return our bodies begin to acknowledge the goodness that is inherent in the food that is eaten. The body then can sort out what is needed and what can be let to pass out of the system.

Sounds almost too good to be true but it runs deep within the mind set of all manifestation techniques. The best possible for the highest purpose ... our sustenance, our health, our lively hood and for everyone we interact with. Manifesting techniques can far surpass what has been covered here and can extend to our possessions and our environment. It takes a concerted effort, and a true will and desire to see everyone benefit. Manifesting is one of the hardest techniques to master but it doesn't mean that we should give up when things don't work out the way we want. There are always alternatives and always more interesting paths to follow.

I bid you peace as you trust and believe in the bounty that is yours. Blessings.




Spinel is a very unusual crystal and until the mid to late 1800's the Red Spinel was often confused with Rubies and Blue Spinel with Sapphires. Spinel itself can vary in colour from black and brown, to pink and red, violet, orange, blue and dark green and even to translucent. Spinel is a common crystal that can be found in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Sri Lanka, India and Afghanistan.

As a tool for physical healing, Spinel has a calming and rejuvenating effect on the body as a whole. Spinel also has been used to treat inflammations, such as muscle and joint injuries, while Spinel water has been used to treat stomach ulcers and digestive imbalances. Spinel can also be used to reduce anxiety during stressful events and can help the body and mind deal with emotional upheaval and crises. As a stone of protection Spinel allows one to focus on oneself to avoid the influences of troublesome people. Spinel has been known to enhance a person's positive traits without allowing the ego to take on a more prominent role.

Spiritually, Spinel is a stone of self-healing and strength. It helps individuals recognize the actions that are need to be taken to benefit ones own well being and Spinel helps in strengthening the determination to follow through. Spinel's calming effect is useful in meditation and while sorting through life path options to find our true purpose.

However each of the individual colours will also benefit their corresponding coloured chakra:

  • Black - insight into the material world and it's workings, strength to continue through situations, protective
  • Brown - grounding and aura cleansing, connection to the physical world
  • Red - vitality and strength, igniting passion
  • Orange - creativity and intuition, balances emotions
  • Yellow - intellect and personal power,
  • Green/Pink - love, compassion and kindness
  • Blue - communication and channeling, calms physical desires
  • Violet - spiritual development and connection, astral travel
  • Translucent/White - mysticism and higher communication/learning, enlightenment and visions

Spinel should be cleansed monthly under running water and allowed to rest in full sunlight for a short time.


Black Spinel


Thoughts for the Months Ahead

Autumn is here and with it thoughts of short cool days, and colder nights and even though October and November have some celebrations and preparations for upcoming family get together's, there can be a sense of loss. We miss the heat of summer and the freedom that it brought with it. However October and November have a special place in the spiritual heart. They bring to mind the ancient history and traditions of the season even if we don't always remember it in today's modern society. Remnants remain of these traditions sometimes masked as other celebrations or religious events but their history runs much deeper into the human spirit than we think.

October traditionally marks a time of abundance and gratitude but it also marks a time of release. We've celebrated our harvest and in Canada we prepare and celebrate our Thanksgiving. We've shared our bounty with family and friends and we spend time in gentle quiet contemplation. Most of the time we don't even realize how quiet and introspective we've become. Quiet strolls through the parks and forests, watching the ever changing colours of the season, watching the leaves fall and listening to them crunch under foot and even the colder northern winds are all part of the season.Yet all of these seasonal changes begin to create within us a deeper stillness. We sometimes catch ourselves and wonder what or where our thoughts have wandered. Yet as the month wears on toward Halloween our spiritual selves begin to prepare for a deep spiritual and emotional release. It is said that on "All Hallow's Eve" the veils between the worlds thin and spirits walk but the meaning behind it is not one of ghost and ghoulish stories. On the spiritual level it represents a release for the living. A release that frees us from our hurts, our failures, our losses, and even our accomplishments and joys. The ghosts that walk are us and whatever we've experienced over the past year. It is important to allow ourselves the time to release all of these events keeping the lessons learned near to our hearts for soon enough the time will come when we will build our next year's spiritual steps.

November brings with it a deepening darkness, not just of visibly shorter days but of desire to go deep within ourselves. To explore the darkness, to hide within it and to heal. The darkness is not an "evil" or bad thing. It represents the safety and healing our spirit and bodies need. On some level it also represents the place of raw innocence and helplessness that we experienced as tiny children. It is within this darkness that we begin to feel like we've been wrapped tightly in warm, snug blankets and are held tightly in our parents' arms. Within this security we can allow our spiritual being to heal, the arms of love hold and assure us of both love and promise. Our strength is renewed and we are ready to face whatever new beginnings approach.



"Walking in Gratitude"

"The sun rises and through the sleepy veil of waking I sense life all around me and I am grateful.

Through the day I find gratitude growing within; for the food on my plate, for the friends that walk with me,

for the challenges that prove to me my worth, for the love that holds my heart,

and for the life that surrounds and abides within me. To walk in gratitude is to walk in the heart of love.

It is walking in gratitude that allows me to smile through the pain and disappointments, and

it is the strength that allows me to hold my head high and celebrate all that I am and all that I will be."

October 2011