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A New Awareness

As with any journey of discovery, there comes a time when you must leave the comfort of what you know as a light-hearted view of life to explore the true nature of your reality. With this in mind comes the realization that this newsletter must now evolve to present more in-depth information so that you can further your own journey of discovery and kindle within the curiosity to explore your own spiritual truths and path.

Letting Go and Acceptance

Human nature dictates that a hierarchy is needed and society reinforces this idea. We, as active participants of this world, get caught up in the game of competition and "climbing the ladder." Whether it be the ladder of home ownership, job status, or just a social ladder, at some point the desire to be acknowledged as someone "special" within a group becomes paramount. When this happens we begin to create chaos in our spiritual world. The conflict that is created drives a wedge between how we function and who we desire to be. Within this conflict we loose sight of who we are and our path and purpose become harder to find and follow. Feelings of being lost, overwhelmed, and overburdened take hold and we spiral. Depression can take hold on the physical plane while spiritually we "hit the wall" and be come stuck and unable to move forward.

Any therapist will espouse the benefits of "Letting Go" and "Acceptance" of events, people, and just about everything else in your life. They're touted as great coping skills. However in the spiritual sense they are so much more than coping skills. Used constructively and as part of the spiritual self-audit that we do in our lives, "Letting Go" and "Acceptance" become the gateway to an unparalleled freedom and release of old spiritual and social restrictions, and programming. Of course, as with any spiritual work, "easier said than done," however that doesn't mean we don't try to understand the process or that we don't apply it to every situation in our lives.

Letting Go

Simply saying I'm "Letting Go" of a situation or emotion doesn't really help. The auditing process dictates that much more is needed. There is a need to look at the repercussions, the emotions, the turmoil, the hurt or harm created and so on and this is only from a personal stand point. There is a need also to look at the situation from the viewpoint of the others involved. Mental comparisons of experiences begin and eventually understanding of a sort begins to dawn. At this point some of our earlier topics begin to come into focus and perceptions change. We surrender to a new way of understanding events, and eventually we relinquish false ideas of control and expectations. Eventually we begin to cultivate a small degree forgiveness, both of self and of any others involved.

The process of "Letting Go" can be long and tedious but the release of becoming unburdened can be life altering.


For "Acceptance" it is more than saying yeah, alright, whatever or some other noncommittal phrase. It is not a continuation of the old and comfortable ways of dealing with events. It requires a deep internal shift. One that can be very frightening, as many feel this equates to surrender and society tells us surrender is never a good thing. Yet surrender really allows us to move within our lives with a renewed sense of freedom and a perception of clarity that wasn't possible while we fought the good fight. The path we travel actually becomes clearer and easier to travel because we unbind our pride to our life. Acceptance allows us to flow into change and with change when it presents itself and in whatever form best suits us. Restrictions drop away and burdens are left where they stand. Better yet, the energy we no longer waste on the good fight becomes ours to inject into our passions and pleasures.

The situations vary and the intensity of how we accept or let go begin to play a huge part in our everyday functioning.

For an example let's look at a relationship that breaks down, for whatever reason. One may feel victimized, one justified, on some level both may even be happy while they may not recognize it at the time. As time and the auditing process move forward friends will talk and say things like why couldn't you or I meet the right type of person the first time around or something similar. When "Letting Go" is at work, the spiritual mind reflects that the love, at the time, was shared in as true a form as was possible for each. We let go of the hurt and disappointments. "Acceptance" states that fact to the world. Love was shared and lessons had to be learned and perceptions had to grow and change. We accept it as part of who we are and know that it was necessary for us to grow and change.

Then a truly amazing shift happens, a form of gratitude begins to settle in. While it may not be the joyful gratitude we try to express in our everyday life, it is a gratitude of survival and of getting through. These types of gratitude create a natural flow of release. Deep-seated emotions can flow and ebb, becoming less all encompassing and more easily understood. They get released as the impact to the mind and spirit become minimized and we re-establish gratitude in our lives. Understanding and release are the main principles to "Letting Go" and "Acceptance" and as we've talked about, there is so much more hidden behind the simple terms. Whether the cause of learning these lessons is a relationship, a job change, a home relocation, or any other event, small or large or truly life altering, these skills allow us to focus on growth, and change in the most positive of light while becoming who we truly are.

I bid you peace and joy as you discover the joys of letting go and acceptance. Blessings.




Eudialyte is an unusual stone as it's chemical structure can contain as many as 46 individual elements. Eudialyte was first discovered in Greenland in 1819 and is now mined in numerous places such places as Quebec Canada, Kola Peninsula Russia, Norway, Arkansas United States and Greenland. The colouring of Eudialyte is a variation of pinks and reds within a lattice work of grays, blacks and whites.

As a tool for physical healing, Eudialyte is well-known for improving physical energy and stamina. It has been used to restore harmony and balance to the emotions and workings of the heart while being able to de-spell jealousy and hurtful thoughts. Eudialyte is used to help speed recovery after any surgery or trauma especially if severe in nature. Eudialyte is very beneficial to the circulatory system in that it can strengthen the blood vessels and cleanse the blood of toxic substances. It has also been used to balance blood cell counts where leukemia or other disorders of the bone marrow are present.

Spiritually, Eudialyte aids in the heart's loving and healing energies. It will assist in bringing forward a sense of being settled and reassured. As a chakra balancer, Eudialyte's energy focuses on the heart and root chakras in that it helps to ground and stabilize the spiritual energies of these two areas. Eudialyte is also used as a stone for enhancing manifestation, clairaudience and other abilities that allow you to resonate with your own truths and spiritual connections.

Eudialyte should be cleansed monthly or after being used to aid in intensive recovery. Eudialyte should not be rinsed in water. Instead allow it to rest in a bowl of hematite and quartz crystals over night.



Eudialyte (from Quebec)


Thoughts for October and November

October's cool winds rush by us and we feel the coming chill. Yet this is the second month of the spiritual year, bounty and abundance are everywhere. Farmer's markets and roadside stands show us the physical bounty that is ours. We give thanks and we celebrate with family and friends all that we have accomplished during the last spiritual year and over the spring and summer months of the calendar year. October's chill also brings with it a reminder that now the time of deep, personal reflection begins and with this we recognize that it is the time to shed. We look over the year and decide what worked for us, what didn't and what else we would have liked to achieve. As Halloween approaches, we prepare to release these old expectations and disappointments and also the achievements and rewards that we have received. As the month ends we allow all of this clutter to fall away.

November's chill is deeper yet and it drives our bodies and minds inside. It is the darkest point in the physical and spiritual year. Internally we find the void left by all that we have let go of in October and while we desire to fill that space with something, it is necessary to heal the hurts that were hidden first. November's energy is one of deep recovery and healing. The scars of past disappointments both our own and those imposed by others need gentle healing and time accept the effects of everything else that has been as a result. It is not yet the time to plan for new projects although many ideas may come forward now. We stow them away until we are stronger and healed. Allow yourself the time to be and to heal.



"Letting Go and Heal"

"I stand exposed to the chill air of Autumn.

The wind whips around and strips me bare of all defenses and pretenses.

I feel raw and alone and find fault with all that I have done.

Yet within something else stirs.

A gentleness wrapped in warmth that eases the rawness.

It sheds light on the truth of my accomplishments.

Everything regains balance and all that has served me well is renewed,

while all else falls way like all old wounds.

This gentleness wraps my spirit and holds tight healing and allowing me to let go of false thoughts.

In the dark I heal and in the dark I can let go."



October 2012