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A New Awareness

2013 is a year that is destined to bring to minds, hearts, and souls of mankind, a new and wondrous understand of love. Love with all of it's nuances; the good, the bad, the messy, the aches and the splendid. It will allow us to better understand ourselves, our connections and bring about a more complete knowledge of compassion and of our spiritual growth and empowerment. Understanding this new energy will allow us to grow in ways unexpected. Therefore let's journey forward into a wonderful new experience.

The Secret - The Bad and The Good

You've seen and read the books. You've heard the talk shows. You've watched the movies. You've written your cheques from the universe, repeated the affirmations and ... what? Nothing!?! Perhaps deeper in debt!?! Perhaps some small positive changes!?! None of the dramatic changes that the proponents of The Secret would have you believe possible have happened. So what happened!?! "I did everything that I was supposed to do!" echoes through your mind. Is it their formula? Is it your mind set? What could have possibly gone so very wrong with such a simple concept? I believe that there are a number of reasons why some people have such a difficult time with The Secret and with achieving all that is possible.

If you've listened or read The Secret, then you know about the book that was found in old chest, the one that formed the basis of The Secret itself. I believe, the book that was found was one part of a series of books by Wallace D. Wattles and these books were written in 1910 and 1911. Wallace D. Wattles wrote approximately 8 books in all and yet 3 seemed to have become entrenched in the basis of The Secret. These three books are; The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great, and The Science of Being Well. These books examine the scientific process of manifestation for everything that is possible in everyone's life.

I have read The Secret and I've read the books by Wallace D. Wattles and personally, I find the latter more appealing. Although that doesn't explain why things don't pan out as expected. The concepts behind manifestation have been talked about in past newsletters and still not all of the concepts fit nicely into neat little packages that a lot of people would have us believe. We know that the affirmations and cheques are for our mind-set and perspective changes. They help us to realign how we see the world and the possibilities in it. They also help us reevaluate our worth which society has spent so much time distorting. These affirmations are only a small part of the story of manifestation and of The Secret.

There are a few concepts though that I believe must be shared to aid us in understanding both The Secret and the lessons of Wallace D. Wattles. There were, over the past number of years, stories circulating through spiritual circles of early proponents of these manifestations techniques, loosing the small empires that were built. We have to wonder if they followed the concepts to manifest these lifestyles, what changed and what went wrong. We would think that once these concepts are mastered then there is no going back and yet it has happened. I believe part of the answers can be found in the books and simple concepts of Wallace D. Wattles.

Wallace D. Wattles stresses the importance of working toward your dream, whether or not it is a main part of your life. He states that it is important to work quietly and steadily toward your goal, even if it must be a small portion of your day in the beginning. He also talks about the importance of value of the work you offer and quite simply it states that it is important to give a greater value than the renumeration given in return. Here we are presented with a problem because different people will place different values on the same work. This is when we need to be aware and mindful of how our ego is responding. It is far too easy to become trapped in the expression of I'm worth a certain amount of money. Ego can cause us to loose the support of those who we could help because we choose to place ourselves above them and say "if you want my help then you will pay." Of course any work is compensated and yet it is our own value of it that we fail in. Is it better to help many for less money or take that total and help one? Many a rich person has lost their livelihood based on their own greedy expression of their inflated self worth and if it was not money they lost then many times they loose their families and loved ones. By the same token is it also easy to relinquish ourselves to a place of subservience as we undervalue ourselves, whether because of the perceptions of others or from within. Conscience and ego must be reigned in and true value for effort given will find a balance.

Then we begin to wonder when we will see these magnificent changes. Will it be immediate, or will it take weeks, or months or years. Here Wallace D. Wattles does not give time frames. He was aware on some level about the fact that our paths have a direct effect on if, when and how these manifestations will occur. What Wallace D. Wattles advocates are concepts that affect the perceptions of manifestation more than actually how it will happen. There are and always will be those who follow this course and will find nothing other than peace within, instead of the value outside of.

Of course after all of the concepts are mastered, the reality is that our path is the next major impact in our manifestation process. We have to accept that we may or may not be one destined to unlimited wealth, but comfort and security are possible. We may or may not be healthy, yet we can accomplish the requirements of our journey with our heads held high. We may or may not be accepted as one of the greats, yet we may be great or simply wonderful to one person who can and will share our life and heart. Or they could be someone who's life we change by some contact. We may or may not be worldly in the ways of spirit or spiritual living, yet a good life and good friends always seem to be near. Recently a number of friends have made changes that have begun their master of the manifestation of their purpose. "It's wonderful when you find your purpose and work toward it. Everything falls into place." So it does and yet not always. There will always be barriers to fulfilling our journey and they exist for us to work on ourselves. We will find our path to manifestation, when our path and journey allow.

When you read any of these other books that seek to change your mind set and your life, consider where you truly want to be in your life. Then it is up to you, to create a path that works for you. Do not compare your abilities with those of another. Do not dissuade or look down on others if their journey is similar to yours, when they follow their heart. Do not allow fear and ego to set blocks before others or yourself and most importantly; cause no harm. Be generous in praise. Be courteous in your dealings. Be gentle in speech and touch. Be open and be honourable.

I bid you peace as you journey to understand more about The Secret, the world in general and your own spiritual and abundant life. Blessings.




Aegirine is an unusual and somewhat rare crystal. Aegirine is easily identified due to the fibrous filaments of black, brown or green which are the basis of the crystal and the opaque, glass like shine of the surrounding stone. There are few places in the world where Aegirine can be found; Arkansas in USA, Quebec in Canada, the Kola Peninsula in Russia, Norway and in Greenland. Aegirine is unique and should be considered a master healing crystal as it will amplify the properties of any other crystals used during healing.

As a tool for physical healing, Aegirine strengthens and works with the body's immune system and can help cells to return to a healthy state. Aegirine has been used as a support crystal for the liver, gallbladder and spleen in that it aids in removing toxins from the body and cells. When muscles have been over used for long periods, Aegirine can aid in supporting the muscles to return to a healthy state quicker than by simply resting. Aegirine can also release any energy or emotional blocks that have been created within the body.

Spiritually, Aegirine can aid in creating a barrier against psychic attack. Aegirine also allows the user to create barriers that will prevent others from manipulating individual thought processes. Aegirine aids in being about to release doubts and fears to be able to follow through on any convictions or moral dilemmas that may arise. Aegirine gives strength to the truth that each of us holds within and allows us to draw on it as needed. It can also allow us to gain a greater insight into our attitudes, and perceptions.

Aegirine is delicate crystal and should only be rinsed very briefly in running water and then allowed to rest with hematite over night.





Thoughts for October and November

The cooler winds blow stronger now and the leaves display their last riot of colour. The Northern Hemisphere ramps down toward the dark of the year and our minds and hearts turn to comfort, to family and being close to home. October is our month for Thanksgiving. Our time of celebration with family and friends, and a time to reflect on our last spiritual year. Most of the hard physical work is done for the year and as our days grow ever shorter we can spend time to sort through the events and examine our lives and our current place.

At the mid-point between the two months is a time when we have an opportunity to release our frustrations and the beliefs that can hold us back. There will always be goals and plans that do not come to fruition. Whether because time seemed to get away, other things took priority or perhaps the time for it was never quite right, we must remember that all things will come to their natural conclusion at some time.

For November, it is the darkest time of our year and it is a time to go within and spend time healing and forgiving ourselves. This is important for our mental, physical and spiritual health. We can use this time to regain a sense of well-being and of who we are. We can wash away unreal expectations from family, friends and even from our own minds. We are constantly growing and changing. We are evolving into our perfection. The more we allow these changes to occur the easier it is to come into our power and authority.

Release and Heal are the ever present themes and energies of October and November.



"My Journey Within"

"The days grow colder and the light fades early from the evening skies.

My spirit grows weary of the toil to stay alight.

Instead I will find a space within myself, a place of repose.

I will go within, and I will look after my spiritual well-being.

For the year has been long and hard and my spirit seeks comfort now.

Not just the needs of the body but the need to heal spiritual wounds and to forgive

becomes an impetus that calls to every fiber of my being.

So this day and at this time I will honour this calling.

I will go within, and I will heal.

When I emerge I will shine more brightly than ever but for now,

I go within and I heal."



October 2013