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A New Awareness

As 2015 begins we may find ourselves full of hope for the new year and for all the promises that this new beginning brings. It will be important to remember that while there will be new beginnings, there will also be many more endings. Many of these ending may indeed seem overwhelming but are truly part of the re-balancing needed within our own spirits. The energy changes and shifts will still continue although they should not fluctuate like those of 2014. Again of year of change is upon us and it is important to be calm and loving as each of us travels along our life path.


Compromise may seem like a strange topic for a spiritual newsletter, yet compromise is a building block of how our societies grow and change. When we seek to work with others we know and expect disagreements but we also expect people to see, understand and accept our ideas. Yet very few of us can honestly say that we come into situations as open-mindedly as we expect others to be. We say we do, we say we should, and yet our experiences and our paths can end up at odds with our desired outcome. Compromise is a fairly straight forward concept. We come together to find our solutions to common problems. We invest our time exploring and creating changes that we believe will be beneficial for the majority. In a lot of cases this is a skill that we have developed and mastered and yet there are just as many times when we miss our objective.

Compromises are not the problem, neither are the concepts that each person brings to the table. Where we seem to misstep is in the completing and sharing of the energy. For a compromise to be effective it needs to include a common/community promise and a commitment to that promise. It isn't a promise that comes into being of it's own accord. It is only by the will of the those who worked on the problem that the promise can be completed. It is by their commitment to making the promise, their vested interest in positive change, and in actively moving it forward that compromise is finally achieved.

Once we leave the realm of large group dynamics and we come to the smaller family units it can be more difficult to find the common ground. It usually takes a lot more work to come to an agreement but the changes that happen when the family group commits to the promise of change can have a profound impact on a deeper level.

As individuals the concept of compromise has always been taken lightly when we deal with our lives. Somewhere in our thought process we tend to think we can always go back and hit the reset button. Even when we can't, we still find a way to be able to shrug it off and keep moving. It is in fact the ultimate in compromises; we choose, we move, and we go on. At least for the physical part of our lives this seems to work.

However when we come to our spiritual lives, we find much less to be compromising about. We have a harder time committing to a promise that will make us look at everything we hold dear. We ask children to commit to a promise of spiritual growth that we follow without giving them more than an overview of our own commitments while refuting another's. We hear the talks, teachings, and interpretations of other spiritual people and we rally to applaud or condemn as see fit without allowing for another's path. We grow our spirits outside our early teaching only to turn our back on the positive energies that transcend all growth without acknowledging the beauty and peace therein.

Compromise is tricky. Committing to a promise is test of endurance, patience, and strength. Yet it holds a great deal of joy. In committing to a promise, we find a way to create balance and it is a balance that works throughout all of the facets of our lives. It allows us to look at all of the information, to sort and sift without hurtful and harmful prejudices, to act and to follow through on those committed promises, and to come to a place of balance, comfort, and understanding.

I bid you peace as you find your way through your compromises. Blessings.



Sunstone (Revisited)

Sunstone is a common crystal. Sunstone colours range from yellow, to orange, to a reddish-brown with an iridescent XX. Most Sunstone comes to us from Canada, the USA, Norway, and India. Sunstone was once believed to protect the earth from the sun and that it kept the sun in it's proper course through the sky. Sunstone will hold a special place in the heart of those who are drawn to it.

As a tool for physical healing, Sunstone is a stone that aids in self-healing. Sunstone, because of its connection to the sun, has been beneficial to those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) and in general is a great stone for those who may suffer from any form of depression. Sunstone can create a harmonious balance within the organs of the body. It has strong connection to the sacral chakra and solar plexus, and any illness in these areas can benefit from the use of Sunstone. Sunstone can also help relieve chronic pain.

Spiritually, Sunstone is a crystal of confidence and joy. Sunstone boosts a person's outlook and allows them to dispel any feelings of low self esteem, failure, and discrimination. Sunstone allows the wearer to look at events and see beyond the evil and fear, to see other solutions and actions that will aid. Sunstone boosts self-confidence and allows a person to be who they are and to live their life accordingly. Sunstone is also useful for those who have unhealthy addictions to people. It allows the wearer to break the ties that hold them to these unhealthy, emotional, and energy-draining relationships.

Sunstone should be cleansed monthly. Rinse under warm running water and then allow the Sunstone to rest in full sunlight for a few hours.




Thoughts for October & November

The crisp fall winds have started to blow and our thoughts turn to our harvest and homes. This is our time of gathering, whether for celebrations or to share the work load. Some of us are glad to see the summer go, not because of the warmth and sun but because of the roller coaster of emotional events that have taken hold in the world. The emotional tides and torrents show little sign of slowing, yet as with all events that tug at our emotions, we know that fluctuations happen. Even now the urge to be close to those who we care for draws us together stronger than we can recall from other times. Our spirits seek the comfort of hearth and home, where love and stability seem to hold sway. Even the normal energy shifts seem to be causing havoc on their own. The feeling of being "off," or "out or sorts," when nothing noticeable has changed is causing an unease that isn't always easy to identify. We long for and seek the comfort of home; our place of sanctuary until we must venture out.

While we ride these tides, we have to remember that its okay to seek the bonds that we used to build and hold our sanctuary together. We have no need to stand alone. At this time we need to think carefully about the energy we want to connect to. That slowly growing chain of calm, sure energy is the one that will help see us through the highs, the lows, and the wows.



"My Spirit Sings"

"A crisp new dawn breaks and dew covers the landscape.

Birds and animals feel the changes that are coming.

Within me something answers, something long ago put away as a childish dream.

It wakes to a new chance, a new beginning, everything new and possible.

It begins to sing, not just for a changing season but for me.

It is my spirit and the song it sings is of new growth, a new change,

and a new way of seeing the world.

My spirit breaks free and the song begins anew."


October 2015