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A New Awareness

As 2016 draws toward its end we have faced many challenges. Our challenges have at time been tumultuous and disheartening and yet wonder, joy, grace, and generosity of spirit still prevails. Life is a continuous changing energy and the shifting energy will always cause some angst and some upset. Emotions will run from one extreme to the other and yet in between will be times that will bring our spirits the respite and rest that is needed for each new change. As we embrace the new understandings of ourselves and our world we will continue to grow and support each other.

The Luxury of Grief

We often find that when we experience grief it seems to create a ripple effect with more causes of grief coming into our awareness. Grief is a part of life and sometimes it can be a lot bigger than we imagine. We see just how varied our emotional responses can be. We see some that can stoically face the world through their grief never shedding a tear whether publicly or privately. On the opposite end we find those who's grief is so all encompassing that we are shocked by the depth of raw emotion. Most of us find ourselves within the mid-range of these emotions trying desperately to avoid being seen closer to our true emotions or at either end of the spectrum. For many in western society we have been taught and lead to believe that this is how we should handle our grief. Grief is personal, most times private but it can take us to the brink of emotional and physical illness if we aren't careful.

Depending on the society standards that we are used to and that we uphold, our view of grief and grieving have become expected and in a way safe. Yet in many cultures grief is expressed not just for days or weeks but months. In these contexts we begin to see grief as a luxury. It is definitely a strange luxury but its one that either resonates with us or makes us very uncomfortable. We know that grief changes over time but we don't know what that time is. Some people are fine with a few days or weeks of outward grief followed by a few pubic displays or a few tears over quiet conversations. Then we encounter those who still bring their grief in its raw state to the fore for a longer time and that is when we find the continuing outward expression can become uncomfortable.

But what is it that makes us uncomfortable? Are we unsure of how we've grieved for those we've lost? Have we been unable to express our emotions fully and are jealous of someone else's ability to do so? Or are we concerned that our society or our circle of friends will begin avoiding us and we will be left alone? Ultimately it hardly matters. Society has it's norms but it does not allow for individual expressions of grief that are prolonged, at least not in the west.

Our whole culture has become one of being strong in the face of grief and we shy away from anything that will make us face it. We find ways to avoid expressing our grief or in sharing in the grief of others that we care about. We force ourselves to be active, be productive, and to be seen as getting on with life. Yet grief is a part of life and so are the tears that we shed. Each in turn plays a part in our spiritual growth and our sense of connection within our circles of friends.

It is difficult to come face to face with someone who has the time and energy to fully experience the luxury of grief. Yet that is when they need us the most. It is when we need to be that strong support and offer not only condolences but gentle encouragement. Allowing them to explore their grief and any guilt that they may be experiencing whether real or imagined. It can be difficult at best to share a path with someone so enwrapped in their grief but we have all taken some time to indulge in that luxury, at least for a short poignant time in each of our relationships. It is a luxury that if we had the resources we too could find at least one soul that we would be willing to give in to it for.

I bid you peace as you and your loved ones experience the different aspects of grief. Blessings.



Rose Quartz (Revisited)

Rose Quartz is very common crystal that has a long history of use. Well known for its warm gentle rosy pink colour, Rose Quartz is an easily recognized crystal. Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and acceptance. Rose Quartz is available from many countries with the United States, Brazil, Japan, Madagascar, Austria, and India being the most common sources. Greek legends say that Eros brought Rose Quartz to Earth to bring love and desire to all people. It was and still is often used as a crystal for fertility and fertility rites and it is often gifted to young women as a charm to find true love and happiness.

As a tool for physical healing, Rose Quartz works primarily on the heart and circulatory systems. It also aids the blood in detoxifying the body. Rose Quartz can aid in strengthening the lungs and in removing congestion. It also aids in allowing the body to experience sensuality and sexuality without fear and of course increase fertility. Rose Quartz has been shown to be an effective defense against some forms of radiation such as tension headaches and eye strain from computers by being in the vicinity of electronic equipment. Placed near a bed, Rose Quartz can aid in peaceful, restful sleeps and remove Earth and water radiation contamination.

Spiritually, Rose Quartz is love in its purest and simplest form. Rose Quartz can aid in strengthening friendships and allow others to be themselves within a relationship. Rose Quartz can help with overcoming lost loves and in becoming more open to the inherent beauty in all things. Within relationships, Rose Quartz can increase sympathy and create an empathic understanding of the emotions behind the action. Rose Quartz helps the heart chakra release unrequited love and buried emotions that have been hidden away. It can also aid in healing the damage done by those emotions.

Rose Quartz should be cleansed and discharged monthly. Rinse the Rose Quartz under warm running water and allow it to rest among tumbled or raw amethyst crystals or in an amethyst geode overnight.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz


Thoughts for October & November

The heat of summer has finally broke and the cooler days of Autumn are upon us. The beauty of the season is unmistakable and everywhere. While the colours of summer still preoccupy our senses the warm varied colours of Autumn call to our spirits and call us to be a part of nature before the our part of the world sleeps and rejuvenates. The rich, deep colours of ripe fruit and changing leaves harken to a season of joy and sharing.

Our season of bounty knows few boundaries at this time. Our market stalls and stores are full of nature's great abundance. So to are our lives if we stop to see the the wonders. Our days are marked with a hurried fervour to get the best and the most while we sometimes ignore the beauty of the changing seasons. This is a time that draws friends and families together, to celebrate our joys and abundance, and to celebrate all that our lives have blessed us with. Our lives and the bounty that is available is the joy that keeps us alive and growing as we prepare for our season of darkness and healing.




"The world seems too bright, too big and far too loud for the day.

My sorrow isn't new yet it tugs at my heart and mind as strongly as ever before.

Memories replay over and over.

Could I have changed something? Would I have done something differently? What if ...?

Questions haunt me and a self-imposed guilt rages in my mind.

Tears begin fall and come easier with each gasp of breath.

Yet beneath the tears is a deeper force at work.

A cleansing of spirit and a healing of the heart.

Today begins the process of healing and that I will embrace through my tears."


October 2016