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A New Awareness

2017 is certainly a difficult, and painful year. In the midst of all our wonders and glorious achievements some of our baser fears and uncertainties have been made manifest. Yet our response has been quick and determined. A fever pitch of spirit has risen and will not be silenced or returned to old ways. In many ways we are loosing or have lost some very dear relationships and connections but there is the potential that all that has been stripped away is indeed making room for massive growth and rebuilding. In order to rebuild our hopes, our dreams, and our potentials away from false beliefs and misunderstandings so that the footings that we put down now will be strong enough, durable enough, and held dear enough to make the changes that will wake and grow us in to the beings we were always meant to be.


Charity is a word we all know and accept as "an act of giving." Yet we tend to forget that a balance is necessary within a spiritual life. The act of giving cannot continue with out the act of receiving. We might have to look at charity a little more closely.

As spiritual beings we get lost in our knowledge of words and charity is another familiar word that can cause us to have tripping points in our journeys. Here we thought we had dealt with gratitude, forgiveness, and many others. Charity is a little different because it sometimes involves another party as well as individual

Charity exists as an engagement of spirit and in that sense charity must be accepted as a two-way street. Charity becomes an energy of movement. If we deem each action of our giving as large or small, then we need to accept that what we receive may not fit our expectation of receiving. Have you heard that you'll get so much back when you give? The amount deemed isn't ours to have nor is expected. We structure our beliefs then sabotage our growth.

Charity itself is hard to estimate and it can become a problem if people expect different outcomes. There will be those who always assume that they are entitled above others trapped in the same or similar events.

Charity extends well beyond the monetary and food. When we enter the flow of Charity we can no longer allow it just to be about those few things. Charity itself must be allowed to grow and to influence other actions. When we look at the full meaning of charity we find the terms "love of humanity," "lenient," "benefit of doubt," and so on. But with most societies we like to concentrate on the meanings that make us feel better about ourselves and what we do and extending charity to the extend of love of humanity can be difficult.

We've seen protests in many places of late against social injustices and yet these are only viewed as insults and disrespect. We haven't learned as humans to be as charitable as we need to be. We have laws that we deem to be fair because we can't or we are unwilling to allow ourselves to be charitable but we can't allow ourselves to dismiss another's claim to our own interest or comfort.

Increasingly we will find our charitable energies coming to the fore and we need to be prepared to be honest with ourselves about how we interpret and sustain a charitable outlook. We need to learn to love again, to be as generous in thought as in action and in giving, we need to look beyond the impact to us and see the impact to everyone. As spiritual beings we must have a single view of humanity and of life and they must be found worthy of charity.

I bid you peace as you grow in your love of humanity and of life. Blessings.



Topaz (Revisited)

Topaz is an ancient crystal to most of the world. Topaz comes to us in quite a few colours, such as yellow, blue, green, brown, and pink which is the rarest of the colours. Most Topaz comes from Sri Lanka, the United States, Brazil, Africa, and Mexico. Topaz has a long history of healing and of conveying a sense of power and majesty. Many ancient texts link Topaz to the god Jupiter and all the power and knowledge available, even the crown jewels have Topaz crystals.

As a tool for physical healing, Topaz has helped with metabolism and digestive issues. Topaz helps to clear the sense of taste and can help with anorexia. It also has a calming effect on the body and nerves. Topaz can also create a sustainable sense of well-being and health to help the body begin its own healing.

Spiritually, Topaz is a stone of dreams and helps to create a path to those desired dreams, identifying resources and materials available from both external and internal sources. Topaz is a crystal that can recharge and boost failing moods and energy. Topaz helps to realign the meridian lines in the body to aid in energy movement. With the aid of Topaz and the movement of energy creates a sense of happiness, peace and contentment that can aid with change and growth.

As with all crystals that come in many colours the different colours of Topaz can be of extra support.

BLUE TOPAZ can activate and aid the throat chakra and 3rd eye and it helps clear the lines of communication and verbalization.

YELLOW TOPAZ, sometimes called "Imperial" or Gold Topaz is excellent for clearing old thoughts and for quick energy boosts. It can also aid in creating a more open heart centre and feelings of generosity.

CLEAR TOPAZ aids with karmic balance and understanding how karma works. Clear Topaz will clear old stagnant energies that can be difficult to remove.

PINK TOPAZ aids in easing out of old life styles and old paths and aids in opening new paths.

Topaz should be cleansed after each use. Rinse Topaz under running water and allow to dry in full sunlight.

Yellow Topaz



Thoughts for October and November

Autumn is here and with it thoughts of short cool days, and colder nights and even though October and November have celebrations and preparations for upcoming family get togethers, there can be a sense of loss. We miss the heat of summer and the freedom that it brought with it. However October and November have a special place in the spiritual heart. They bring to mind the ancient history and traditions of the season even if we don't always remember it in today's modern society. Remnants remain of these traditions sometimes masked as other celebrations or religious events but their history runs much deeper into the human spirit than we think.

October traditionally marks a time of abundance and gratitude but it also marks a time of release. We've celebrated our harvest and in Canada we prepare and celebrate our Thanksgiving. We've shared our bounty with family and friends and we spend time in gentle quiet contemplation. Most of the time we don't even realize how quiet and introspective we've become. Quiet strolls through the parks and forests, watching the ever changing colours of the season, watching the leaves fall and listening to them crunch under foot and even the colder northern winds are all part of the season. Yet all of these seasonal changes begin to create within us a deeper stillness. We sometimes catch ourselves and wonder what or where our thoughts have wandered. Yet as the month wears on toward Halloween our spiritual selves begin to prepare for a deep spiritual and emotional release. It is said that on "All Hallows Eve" the veils between the worlds thin and spirits walk but the meaning behind it is not one of ghost and ghoulish stories. On the spiritual level it represents a release for the living. A release that frees us from our hurts, our failures, our losses, and even our accomplishments and joys. The ghosts that walk are us and whatever we've experienced over the past year. It is important to allow ourselves the time to release all of these events keeping the lessons learned near to our hearts for soon enough the time will come when we will build our next year's spiritual steps.

November brings with it a deepening darkness, not just of visibly shorter days but of a desire to go deep within ourselves. To explore the darkness, to hide within it and to heal. The darkness is not an "evil" or bad thing. It represents the safety and healing our spirit and bodies need. On some level it also represents the place of raw innocence and helplessness that we experienced as tiny children. It is within this darkness that we begin to feel like we've been wrapped tightly in warm, snug blankets and are held tightly in our parents' arms. Within this security we can allow our spiritual being to heal, the arms of love hold and assure us of both love and promise. Our strength is renewed and we are ready to face whatever new beginnings approach.




"I search for bounty and abundance.

I've prayed, dreamed, and pursued what I believed I needed.

I've followed dream boards and meditative paths.

Even with some success the search continues.

But why?

I am here and loved.

I am fed and clothed.

I am free and bound only by the attachments I am happy with.

My life overflows with friends and new aquaintances to spur me on.

I searched and searched and never saw what was in front of me.

A bounty of life, friends, family and possibility and has far more than I could have imagined."



October 2017