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A New Awareness

2018 is here and we now must face our most cruel and base emotions and fears. We've made a commitment to be better than we were and the movement for change is upon us. Spirit is rising to meet the challenges. It will be important to take time to really understand our reactions to the events unfolding in our world.

Manifestation - Hope vs. Path

As our awareness grows we seek more opportunities to find our way, change our world or become more aligned with where we desire to be. We are seeing a rising interest in not only manifestation for individual dreams and desires but for the greater good for humanity. Yet we still stumble along and we can feel like we are loosing ground.

When we speak of manifestation we will inherently dream big and big is relative to each person's journey. In big dreams we find a release of deeper fears and limiting emotions. When we stay within small dreams we tend to fret more over little upsets and we have nothing to remove our minds from daily struggles, whether from family, work, friends, or the drama of daily living. Finding a balance between small dreams and big visions can be the cause of a great deal of stress and if we aren't careful we can find ourselves chasing things that actually don't serve us or our desires. Then of course when things don't work the way we envision there can be a great deal of grief, upset, and even thoughts of giving up.

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter we tend to use some words more often when speaking of manifestation and hope is a big one. Yet hope itself is not a forward moving energy. Hope brings doubt, disappointment, and a host of opportunities for others to say "I told you so." Unfortunately this can spiral into a depression and desire to throw everything away in favour of new or different things. In the world of manifestation hope is unsupported by the universal energies of creation and attraction.

Once we manage to get our minds wrapped around new words and new means of creating our desires and visions we run into our path. More often than not our path is going to dictate a lot of when, where, how, and if our vision will appear in the form we intend. Most times it will continue to evolve but accepting that it may not be as we believed can be disheartening at times. This can be a huge stumbling block for those who's visions become an overwhelming need to push through no matter whether the time or method is right or not.

With all processes manifestation takes time, and a willingness to change and be flexible within the process of creating big dreams and visions. When disappointments show up it can be deflating if we can't see how this new manifestation is going to work within our frame. Our minds are very quick to interpret our vision and the path that it sees as the best route yet our paths are rarely that simple. Time and time again we run into changes, unexpected events that sometimes seem to take us far away from where we thought we would be.

We can get very lost and wander within a spiritual desert of our own design because we can be so unwilling to expand our vision. Even the spiritual masters we meet on our journey can and do experience these times. Sometimes these times can last days, weeks, months, and even decades before the path reopens and vision and clarity return. Yet if we paid attention and allowed those changes and perceived upsets to meld into our desires we can find our way to journey back to our big desires within a timely manner. They are basically course corrections and allow us to potentially see new avenues and connections.

Manifestation takes time and a willingness to be present throughout your journey. Coasting isn't always a realistic expectation but there are times of great stress, great illness, great loss, and even great unrest that need to be traversed. They aren't easy times and they can tax our spirits almost to the breaking point. Others may see your journey differently and that's ok because somewhere inside can be a glimmer of the potential and promise you saw when you first started on the journey of big dreams and visions and it only takes a word or two to be reignited.

I bid you peace as you rediscover the power of trusting in the process of manifestation. Blessings.




Serpentine is an ancient powerful healing and protective gemstone. Serpentine is readily available and comes to us from Africa, China, India, Norway, Britain, United States, and a few others. Serpentine colouring can range from greenish-yellow, to mottled green and brown, and reddish brown and may appear to have an oily sheen to it. In antiquity Serpentine has been used for its ability to protect from the forces of darkness. Serpentine was made into jars, bowls and other vessels. Medicines were believed be strengthened and would last longer when stored in Serpentine.

As a tool for physical healing, Serpentine helps to stabilize and sooth most imbalances and irritations in the body. Serpentine has been used to calm digestive troubles. It is excellent for aiding in the detoxification and energy clearing in the body. Serpentine can calm the mind and allow the wearer to rebalance their emotions. The paler varieties of Serpentine have been used for muscular and menstrual pain.

Spiritually, Serpentine brings peace and a sense of calm stability to the wearer. Serpentine allows the wearer to connect with images and inspirations from universal guidance. Serpentine is a preferred stone for past-life exploration, memory integration into this life, and the resolution if necessary. Used in meditation Serpentine can open a space in which healing of past traumas, whether from this life or another can continue.

Serpentine should cleansed in lukewarm running water. Serpentine can be recharged in two ways; either over night within a water-bath with rock crystals or by a 1-2 hours in sunlight so that the Serpentine doesn't overheat.





Thoughts for October & November

October traditionally marks a time of abundance and gratitude but it also marks a time of release. We've celebrated our harvest and in Canada we prepare and celebrate our Thanksgiving. We've share our bounty with family and friends and we spend time in gentle, quiet contemplation. Most of the time we don't even realize how quiet and introspective we've become. Quiet strolls through the parks and forests, watching the ever changing colours of the season, watching the leaves fall and listening to them crunch under foot and even the colder northern winds are all part of the season. Yet all of these seasonal changes begin to create within us a deeper stillness. We sometimes catch ourselves and wonder what or where our thoughts have wandered. On the spiritual level it represents a release for the living. A release that frees us from our hurts, our failures, our losses, and even our accomplishments and joys. It is important to allow ourselves the time to release all of these events keeping the lessons learned near to our hearts for soon enough the time will come when we will build our next year's spiritual steps.

November brings with it a deepening darkness, not just of visibly shorter days but of desire to go deep within ourselves. To explore the darkness, to hide within it and to heal. The darkness is not an "evil" or bad thing. It represents the safety and healing our spirit and bodies need. On some level it also represents the place of raw innocence and helplessness that we experienced as tiny children. It is within this darkness that we begin to feel like we've been wrapped tightly in warm, snug blankets and are held tightly in our parents' arms. Within this security we can allow our spiritual being to heal, the arms of love hold and assure us of both love and promise. Our strength is renewed and we are ready to face whatever new beginnings approach.



"I Am What I Create"

"In the desire to be more I will create,

What will I create now I ask my heart and spirit.

I have created life and dreams within my spirit and family.

I have created a home, a place where I can be myself and be content.

I have created love and space in loving friendships and relationships.

I have created what I thought life should have been.

Yet there is more to create, more to experience and more to be lived, so ...

I will create myself in gentle acceptance, gentle care, and in gentle language.

I will create a peace to permeate all I have done before and all I will continue to do.

I will create a trust in my spirit's strength and passion.

I will create possibility for myself and any who follow."


October 2018