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A New Awareness

As another year comes to an end and a new one begins we find ourselves at a crux of change. Whether the change is good or not, whether we agree or disagree, we must commit to being the best we can be. Not only for ourselves and our families and friends but for our communities, our cities and our world. Yet our spirits are embracing newness and a reason to trust in the building of our awareness. We can grow and become the best that our spirits need us to be. We must learn to shine.

Raising Fear Into Rage

In a previous talk it has been stated that fear is the great immobilizer and for us in out individual lives it remains a potent force. It is the fear that we may lose not just ourselves, but everything we hold dear in times of crisis and can keep us trapped in many unpleasant situations. However as we are seeing more and more fear in our world and that fear is beginning to spread and change into something much darker. For the raising of this kind of fear must have consequences and we are seeing many of them being acted out. We see it more and more in our daily lives and in the news from every part of our world. Fear changes when it is met by more people and it becomes far easier for that fear to change into something almost unrecognizable.

Yet the beginning this fear is not always based our own personal fears but something far more insidious. People will stretch the fear into tendrils that creep into our hearts and minds and that fear can make us unreasonable and scared. Even if the threat is real the spinning of these fears into something more causes our light of spirit to diminish. It divides us and when society gets torn apart our brutality comes to the fore. We see it everywhere. There are attacks on children, both by words and by actions. There are attacks on anything someone says is different from what we would agree with. There are attacks on those who are sick and those who are disenfranchised and disabled. Judgment becomes a way of life and its harmful because at some point that judgment will get redirected right back at us.

Let's use rain as an analogy for fear; one a thunderstorm and the other a hurricane. The thunderstorm is our own fears. They can be frightening and disruptive to our plans, dreams, and path but they run the course and eventually blow themselves out. This is us working through our fear. Sometimes the storm is stronger other times weaker but within this thunderstorm of fear we can sometimes find shelter and solace in the space of our soul and our dreams. Eventually the quiet returns and the fear returns to a manageable level and we can carry on. Our problems really begin when our fears are combined with the fears others. The storm of our own begins to grow out of control and slowly the gathering fears from a sect, group, family, or by those who's own storms are already at a fever pitch and it becomes easier to turn the tide of all this fear into something that harms and destroys; a hurricane. The fears get deeper as others add to it even if their own fears are something completely different. There are those who see the storm for what it is but few seem to want to help. Some take advantage and will divide us even further and lessen our growth and our joys for their own agendas. More importantly there are those that come forward to try to ease the course of the storm. They bring forth a quiet gentleness that allows us to regain our sense of priority and calm if we were to stop for just a moment.

Most of the time we rationalize our thoughts and fears. Some we retain because of our path and our programming and they can be difficult to overcome but we can put them into context when we decide we really need to look into those fears and what it is we truly fear. This ends the ability of the hurricane to continue. Yet we tend to blame the hurricane on all the damage no matter where it shows up. But the storm was not of its own making and those who use our fears to control us will just find another fear and let it brew and fester into another hurricane. Even throughout the storm part of our soul looks for anything that will restore some sense of peace. We look for a light in the darkness, and just like a lighthouse, in that light we find the ability to breathe again. These lights that guide us, calm us, and bring reason back into our debates and thoughts. While they don't dispel all of our fears, the darker ones can be shed and spiritual peace can clear the path for understanding, tolerance, and growth.

We may feel lost, adrift, and rejected by our peers yet those lights that shone through the storm haven't dimmed They stay there lit and bright for those who search. They offer us a chance to rebalance our emotions, and our fears. Sometimes they are loud and struggle to bring a sense of calm back to discussions and others just present their calm through simple, kind, caring, loving actions. There is a time for us to be patient, to be kind, and to be diligent about our own fears. That time is now. No other has the ability to make us face our fears. Fear is inevitable. It can rear its head when we least expect it and it can make us unreasonable and perhaps even unintentionally cruel. We can be stronger though and we must be. We can face our communal fears but we must do it together.

I bid you peace as you work through the storms to rediscover your power, strength, and your ability to move within the raging fears. Blessings.



Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has a long and lasting history of human use and many ancient societies and their rulers have prized it for many centuries. Lapis Lazuli was used to adorn protective amulets, as signs of divine influence and in the tokens and gifts for many royals. Most of the Lapis Lazuli comes from Afghanistan, Chile, Egypt and the Middle East, Myanmar, and the United States. Lapis Lazuli is an easily recognized stone. It comes in various shades of blue, ranging from a light blue to a violet-blue and has gold inclusions. These specks of gold were thought to resemble stars and the blue colouring the sky.

As a tool for physical healing, Lapis Lazuli works with our immune systems to strengthen and balance. It is also a great support for the thyroid and any neck or vocal issues. Lapis Lazuli can aid support the respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems. One note of importance is that Lapis Lazuli must not be used in on people with low blood pressure. Lapis Lazuli has been use to aid in purifying the blood and in cleansing organs.

Spiritually, Lapis Lazuli is a great tool for meditation and for opening channels of spiritual communication. Lapis Lazuli can aid in the early steps of spiritual awakening as it allows for trust in the divine and in the path before us. Lapis Lazuli helps us deal with the fears in our lives that hold us captive to situations no matter the source. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of not only spiritual connection but of personal and expanding connections within friends and associates. Lapis Lazuli will also warn the spirit about choices that take us further from our path. I have known of rings made of Lapis to shatter while being worn. Lapis Lazuli can aid in dealing with the fear and anger that can slow our growth. Lapis Lazuli also works with the throat chakra in order that we can give our voice an outlet so we can be heard.

To cleanse Lapis Lazuli it is recommended that it be placed with polished hematite and then recharged resting among clear quartz.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli


Thoughts for October & November

October and November have a special place in the spiritual heart. They bring to mind the ancient history and traditions of the season even if we don't always remember it in today's modern society. Remnants remain of these traditions sometimes masked as other celebrations or religious events but their history runs much deeper into the human spirit than we think.

October traditionally marks a time of abundance and gratitude but it also marks a time of release. We've celebrated our harvest and in Canada we prepare and celebrate our Thanksgiving. We've shared our bounty with family and friends and we spend time in gentle quiet contemplation. Most of the time we don't even realize how quiet and introspective we've become. Quiet strolls through the parks and forests, watching the ever changing colours of the season, watching the leaves fall and listening to them crunch under foot and even the colder northern winds are all part of the season. Yet all of these seasonal changes begin to create within us a deeper stillness. We sometimes catch ourselves and wonder what or where our thoughts have wandered. Yet as the month wears on toward Halloween our spiritual selves begin to prepare for a deep spiritual and emotional release. It is said that on "All Hallows Eve" the veils between the worlds thin and spirits walk but the meaning behind it is not one of ghost and ghoulish stories. On the spiritual level it represents a release for the living. A release that frees us from our hurts, our failures, our losses, and even our accomplishments and joys. The ghosts that walk are us and whatever we've experienced over the past year. It is important to allow ourselves the time to release all of these events keeping the lessons learned near to our hearts for soon enough the time will come when we will build our next year's spiritual steps.

November brings with it a deepening darkness, not just of visibly shorter days but of desire to go deep within ourselves. To explore the darkness, to hide within it and to heal. The darkness is not an "evil" or bad thing. It represents the safety and healing our spirit and bodies need. On some level it also represents the place of raw innocence and helplessness that we experienced as tiny children. It is within this darkness that we begin to feel like we've been wrapped tightly in warm, snug blankets and are held tightly in our parents' arms. Within this security we can allow our spiritual being to heal, the arms of love hold and assure us of both love and promise. Our strength is renewed and we are ready to face whatever new beginnings approach.





"Today the world has a renewed lesson envisioned - Joy.

A simple yet powerful word that moves my soul to smile.

Slowly the weight of the world and daily cares begins to ease.

A calm, peaceful time brings the first hints of the joy coming back to life.

It bursts forth in actions of connection with life, with nature, and

with those I care about.

Yet I can do more with this simple emotion.

Joy gives me wings.

Wings to spread far and wide to show, to prove,

that there is so much more than we see ready for us.

So today I will spread and share my joy."



October 2019