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Pendant Divination/Dowsing

Pendant Divination or Dowsing can be used for fortune-telling. The premise of Pendant Divination is asking the spirits and forces of the crystal contained in the pendant to answer "Yes" or "No" to questions that are asked.

To start, on a piece of paper mark "Yes" on one half of the page and mark "No" on the other half. Hold the pendant over the center point in the page. Hold pendant cord loosely but so the pendant doesn't move. Concentrate on the pendant and ask your spirit guides to acknowledge this point as the neutral starting point. When you ask a question be careful not to influence the swing of the pendant. Breathe deeply and calmly. If the pendant doesn't move off of the neutral point, it sometimes helps to close your eyes and feel the direction that the pendant is actually pulling its-self toward.



Peridot is a pale green crystal. Peridot is an unusual crystal in that it's frequency is combination of yellow, which is a life affirming, stimulating colour and blue, which is a spiritual, calming colour.

For someone in control of their life, Peridot can boost confidence and heightens assertive energy. It can help to connect with and understand our destinies and life purpose. It will help you see both the spiritual and physical peaks that are attainable and that part of the continuity of life. If you are not sure about your where your path lies then limit you use of Peridot.

Peridot is also known to help the body release toxins and then helps to neutralize their effect.


Smudges & Smudging
Smudge Herbs


The herb cedar, creates a deeply purifying smudge smoke. It is especially useful when clearing negative emotion.


The herb mugwort is used to stimulate psychic awareness and prophetic dreams. It can also be used to remove evil spirits.


Yerba santa is used to purify, set and protect boundaries.


The herb juniper is used to create a safe, sacred space.

Meditation Aids

Keep a Journal

Keeping a meditation journal is a helpful in track your progress. Each entry becomes a step on your path to greater control and self fulfillment. It can help pinpoint stresses and other trials that you weren't even aware existed. However keep your notes quick and simple, write about the meaning or essence of each meditation message.

Meditation Thought for the Month

" Being endowed with free choice, I am a son of God in reality. I have been dreaming that I am a mortal man. I am now awake. The dream that my soul is imprisoned in a bodily cage has vanished. I am all that my Heavenly Father is."

By Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"