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Rune Stones

Rune Stones are an ancient alphabet that was in use in the Nordic countries. They were symbols that we originally carved into stone and can still be found. The basis of the word "rune" is runa or run and means "whisper". Rune itself means mystery or secret.

Runes are not just letters but were used to convey concepts and ideas. It was the common form of communication both for between humans and between humans and the gods. There are 24 symbols in the runes and one additional blank rune called the Wyrd.

There are three patterns that can be used for divinations; a pattern of nine, a circle of the year and three rune spread. Before drawing any of the patterns it is wise to have the enquirer shuffle all of the runes in a pouch and pour them out onto the divination surface just to ensure that they pick up the person's energies. The runes are then returned to the pouch, the question is asked and then draw the runes in order to receive an answer.

Pattern of Nine: Draw three runes and place in a line in the order in which they were drawn. This line represents past actions or deeds. Draw another three runes and place in a line under the first in the order they were drawn. This line represents the underlying influences of the current situation. Draw the final three runes and place under the second line. This line represents the most likely outcome.

Circle of the Year: Draw one rune and place it at the position of one o'clock. Draw a second rune and it is to be place at the same position as the first. The third and forth runes go at the two o'clock position and so on until the clock is complete. The blank Wyrd rune is to be place in the centre. Each of the hours represents one of the calendar months.

Three Rune Spread: Draw three runes. Place them in a line in the order drawn. The first rune represents the basis of the situation. The second represents the situation as it exists in the present and the third represents probable outcome if no action is taken.

Meanings of the Runes

Wyrd - Major turning point in someone's life. Take courage and go forth, the outcome will be good.

Feoh - Creative energy, new project, potential wealth though not always material, share the abundance with others to avoid conflict.

Thorn - Minor problems, petty irritations, deal with others using tact and discretion, a choice to be made, beware rivalry or jealousy.

Rad - Movement and action, possible change in residence, deal with legal issues, business travel could prove to be rewarding.

Gyfu - Reward or recognition for humanitarian or charitable work, partnerships are favoured, a gift to be received.

Ur - Primeval power, energy, vitality, change, expansion, driving force, ambition, career advancement

Os - Associated with Woden or Odin, symbol of divine protection, wise counselor, elder, inspiration, communication

Cen - Hope, inspiration, right course of action, eventual success, promise of guidance and support.

Wyn - Prosperity, harmony, health, satisfying social life, romantic liaison or renewed marital relationship.

Haegl - Disruption, delay, consider goal, avoid hasty decisions, calculated risks.

Nyd - Caution advised, no easy solutions, think before acting, impatience causes problems, handle relationships with tact.

Eoh - Positive attitude needed, look forward not backward, long term plans and goals.

Peorth - Pleasure, profit, cause for celebration, news, joy, happy reunion, good fortune.

Is - Patience, transition, separation, the ice rune.

Ger - Just rewards, complete contract/deals, satisfaction in legal matters.

Eolh - Persuasion from others, stick to principals, unexpected help, career change.

Sigel - Studying, vocational training, overseas travel, improving health, promise of romance.

Tyr - Initiate bold schemes, promise of success, passionate affair, may be short lived if reversed.

Beorc - Growth, new beginnings, birth, business venture, beneficial changes at work, marriage.

Lagu - Long distance travel, overseas, test period, follow intuition, periods of self doubt leading to success.

Ing - End of a cycle, problems solved, conclusions, take a break or holiday, recuperation before next cycle/beginning.

Eh - Change of residence, change of job, travel, success if emotions are controlled.

Man - Conflict with authority, legal problems, reversed beware of deceptions, children leaving home.

Daeg - Sudden transformation of attitudes, circumstances, lifestyle.

Odal - Inherited possessions or money received as a gift, property deals, residential moves, reversed family disputes over inheritance.




Crystals & Gemstones


Coral is the skeleton of sea organisms. Coral is found in warm waters and varies in colour and in shape. It ranges in colour from red to white to pink to black. Coral is unusual because it comes from living organisms that builds itself up over long periods of time and this gives it a link with the past and past knowledge which can be shared..

Due to the skeletal nature of coral it is said to protect the wearer from osteoporosis and helps children grow strong health bones. It was recommended that menopausal women wear coral. It also serves to prevent a loss of energy while protecting against negative energy. In addition to its natural connection to bones the colours have specific uses. Red coral is excellent for circulation and blood disorders. Pink is soothing to the body to stablize and white coral helps to stabalize the bodies system. Black coral absorb so it is the most useful in removing negative energy, however most black coral is not available for commerical sales and is protected.

Coral should be cleaned monthly. It should either be soaked in salt water or under sea salt for one day. Coral is also recharged by moonlight, so placing outside during the full moon is great for it's natural energies.


Red Coral


Smudging for the Season


Halloween is an ancient festival of the dead. It is therefore also a time to examine your life and decide what is unnecessary and what has to be cleared away.

Smudge yourself, any others who wish to participate in this release and the area. Light a single candle. Breathe slowly and deeply and then turn your mind inward.

It is time to begin to examine the events of the past year. With each event it is important to look at more than just how you felt; how it impacted other or if it was an event worth remembering. If the event served no purpose or if you have learned from the experience; then it is time to release the event and any other memories that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Write down each of the events, pains or trials that you wish to release. Remember that the release should be done as gently as possible.

Begin to think about next year. What is it you wish to birth or bring forth for yourself in the coming year? Write this down on another sheet of paper.

Call in your guides. Commit the releases to fire and let the flames consume the pain and the hurts but let the messages stay. Then commit the promises and wishes for the new year to the flames.

Thank you guides and friends. Let the candle burn if it is safe to do so.


Monthly Meditation - I Am in All Places

"I am beholding through the eyes of all. I am working through all hands. I am walking through all feet. The brown, white, olive, yellow, red, and black bodies are mine."

"I am thinking with the minds of all, I am dreaming through all dreams, I am feeling through all feelings. The flowers of joy blooming on all heart-tracts are mine."

"I am eternal laughter. My smiles are dancing through all faces. I am the waves of enthusiasm in all God-tuned hearts."

"I am the wind of wisdom that dries the sighs and sorrows of all humanity. I am the silent joy of life moving through all beings."

by Paramahansa Yogananda "Metaphysical Meditations"